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    Tactical Treason! - RPS Trouble in Terrorist Town session

    Greetings, comrades!

    A few of us have recently started playing the Trouble in Terrorist Town game mode in Garry's Mod again and we had great fun.
    Now we would like to do it again, but perhaps with enough RPS readers to host our own session!

    Are any of you interested?
    If we can get enough players we could probably host our own server, otherwise we can always invande an empty server that is running TTT.

    I recently played on a server that had a proximity voice chat plug-in enabled, which enhanced the whole experience.
    If we were to host our own server I would look into getting that plug-in to run on our server aswell.

    So, what do you think? If there is enough interest we will schedule a date for the session.

    For those who don't know the Trouble in Terrorist Town game mode, here is a description along with tips on how to survive:
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