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    I got around to upgrading from the CP to the RP versions of Windows 8 today and hit what I think is a pretty ugly problem.

    They've decided to make NX extensions mandatory to install W8 - which completely rubbishes their System Requirements (1Ghz or better CPU) and cuts-off a LOT of older PCs into the bargain.

    It also makes a laughing stock of the line that "the same hardware which ran W7 will run W8" - that couldn't be less true if they tried.

    OK, we're talking older laptops and pre Core2 desktops but there's still a LOT of those out there - more than MS's extimated 0.1% of machines (taking part in the pre-release - not likely to want to use the retail version!)

    It's unusual for MS to swipe through something this big - I have a desktop here with an HT (fake dual-core) 3.4Ghz CPU which has run W7 happily for years but which cannot run W8 (it's the last P4 without NX) - that's slightly sucky...

    Won't affect most people but I thought it was an odd thing for them to do and a quick Google suggests I'm far from the only person thinking that!

    p.s. another issue for older computers is that they've chopped-off support for a lot of older 'legacy' devices - which in real terms are things like laptop sound and network devices, dongles, plug-in soundcards and network adaptors etc. You can get around this with some hackery but it's not ideal (Windows Update will overwrite your working drivers with non-working ones, for example)

    It's a long way from good, really.
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