I've had a dead gfx card for about 4 months now, and didn't bother doing anything with it until now as I knew I was due a bit of a raise etc. Accordingly, while I used to put my systems together, I'm asking for a bit of current advice because I have lost track about things like motherboard compatability. I believe this isn't the issue it once was (not many jumpers any more..!) but am still being lazy and just asking for example build suggestions. I'd appreciate it - my system at present (the half dead one) is Intel Core2Duo, E4500. 3.25GB RAM (as seen, I actually put 8 in because did some 3ds max work and was told it might be able to access it somehow even though I'm on XP) with a 8800GT. So it's long overdue - been 5 years or so, though it's done me very very well for that time and was running most things to some level up to its untimely demise.

Anyway. I feel happy to spend up to 600, say, on the system. No peripherals, just case, PSU, motheboard, RAM, at least one big HDD (would consider SSD but unlikely I feel) and a decent GPU (was thikning 670 or similar..?). Think that's it. Already got OS etc sorted.

Any suggestions of packages would be much appreciated.