Hey folks,

I'm taking part in something called Sick Kids Save Point next weekend (13th-14th October) - this is basically a 24hr gaming marathon in aid of a children's charity (Sick Kids Friends Foundation) that provides services to sick kids and their families during their stay in hospital.

I'm going to be livestreaming the whole thing here: www.twitch.tv/btiddles

I'm not asking for donations, since, well, I don't know anyone of you really, but if you think it's a good cause then any shares and tweets about it would be awesome. If you do feel like donating, then please do :)

Sick Kids Save Point - http://www.sickkidssavepoint.org/p/w...-this-for.html
My JustGiving Page - http://www.justgiving.com/bthorburn/

Twitter - @oiblair / @SKsavepoint (#sksp)

Sorry if this is considered spam, I appreciate you reading.