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    Rock Paper Sectoid: RPS vs. The Alien Menace

    Right then. As mentioned in my previous XCOM thread, I've been collecting volunteers for my alien smashing squad. Here's how it's going to go.

    This'll be my first game, and I'll be playing on Classic Ironman, because Jake Solomon told me I shouldn't, and he's not the boss of me. Rookies will be left with their default names until they graduate to Squaddie and are assigned a class. Then I shall rename them with a suitable name from the list, alternating between RPS writers and forum members. I shall do my best to keep track of how everyone dies, and post something here in memoriam. Screenshots will be taken of anyone getting over the rank of Sergeant. Hopefully I'll get some nice bonus screenies of you all being badass.

    And here's the list, stretching to from the door of the recruiting office round the hill and past the graveyard, Cannon Fodder style:

    Alec Meer, reprising his role as the Heavy
    Jim Rossignol goes for vantage to appreciate the terrain- may as well bring a rifle. Sniper.
    John Walker; let's find out how well he really heals, in Support.
    Adam Smith, Supporting those obscure indie soldiers.
    Nathan Grayson, from the Colonies, arriving to the battle late, just in time to finish off the aliens and claim he won the whole thing. Assault.
    Quinns, bringing that rapid fire word Assault.
    Rob Florence, flings dice like bullets. Let's see if he can fling bullets like dice. Heavy.
    Tim Stone will have the armour penetration all calculated out in a nice stat table for that one perfect Snipe.
    Lewie Proctor leads regular Assaults on my wallet. Let's see how he does here.
    Edit: almost forgot Richard Cobbett. He can be a Heavy, laying down suppression and deadly puns with equal ease.
    And, of course, Keiron Gillen as a Psychic, for being mental.
    Edit- the Editing: Brendan, Supporting the squad with clever words.

    Gorzan as a Sniper.
    Drake Sigar as a Sniper.
    lasikbear as Support.
    Splynter as Support, but only if I can find a Canadian Support soldier (can one change nationality?)
    Makariel in Assault.
    AlexClockwork in Assault.
    Tikey as a Heavy.

    Sparkasaurusmex in Assault.
    Patrick Swayze in Assault.
    Edit: Sunjumper as a Heavy.
    Jockie as whatever I need to fill in a gap.
    hellraiserzlo joins the spooky Psychic corp.
    Oshada in Assault
    DWZippy as yet another Assault. I expect to go through a fair number of these, so it's nice to have plenty of names.
    Drayk as a Sniper.
    Lacessit as a Sniper.
    Hypernetic as something that isn't Support- whichever class I determine to be the most asshole-ish.
    DarkFenix grabs the big guns.
    MadJax as an Assault.
    Dr. Honeyslut in Support. Trust him/her, he/she is a Dr. Even if he/she's looking at you funny.
    siegarettes makes me think of smoke, so smoke grenades, so we're going Support.
    soldant signs up to our Support brigade.
    Tailswallower makes sure we have plenty of bandages on the battlefield.
    SanguineAngel signs up for Support.
    Woundedbum is there where the need is.
    So's Flint.

    If anyone cares to assign me to their time I'd love to be a Heavy, or a Support if you'd prefer.

    Come back safely and covered in green blood, soldiers.
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