We are sorry to inform you, that Major "Infirmary" Tikey, previously known as "Diesel" Tikey, was confirmed KIA. To the regret of central command, we did not realize that she is unfit for active duty until it was too late. Being close to death against an unspeakable enemy on more than half a dozen occasions took a terrible toll to her mental condition. In the field she would panic easily and on two occasions opened fire on a fellow soldier. As you know, friendly fire is a grim reality of war and accidents can happen. However, on her second to last mission she turned around and fired at our designated sniper for no apparent reason, for which she was pulled from active duty for one month.

Her last mission brought her to China to extract a VIP. Once the VIP was in sight, so was a swarm of aliens. After being poisoned Major Tikey lost her nerves, fired seemingly at random enemies and refused to take orders. Despite being under heavy plasma fire and sustaining multiple wounds she took out at least four charging aliens. With the last of her ammunition spent, she succumbed to the poisoning, while the rest of the squad escorted the VIP to the skyranger for extraction.