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    Logitech 5.1 Surround Sound

    I am 110% sure that i connected cables right,but still i have problem,there is no sound in last two speakers on left and rigth,others work fine (Subwuffer,center speaker,left and right speaker). I have HD Realtek drivers if that helps and integrated sound card. I also went to control panel > speakers > confgiure and speakers are set to 5.1

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    Which are the problem? The back two left and right? First check them in the front l/r ports to make sure they're wired up right.

    Also are you sure it's a 5.1 onboard realtek?

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    Your onboard SC might only be capable of 2.1 - You can buy a good soundcard for very cheap these days, a Xonar DG is 20 on at the moment.

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    Go back to Control Panel/Sound and right click on speakers and go to Properties. Click the "levels" tab and then under "Play Control" click on the balance button. Here you can make sure all speakers are turned up individually.

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    Jiggle the cords, and then bang on the top of the speaker.
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