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    Squadron 42: Space combat game by the creator of wing commander. Ambitious as hell.

    Elaborate presentation video here:
    High quality screenshots here :
    Higher quality short trailer here :
    Crowd funding pitch, always funny to watch these things :

    Skip to 23 minutes in the presentation if you just want to see the tech demonstration/gameplay bits.

    Seems like the guy is really ambitious about the game, for example he mentions how you can have other players aboard your ship to just roam the deck/hallways and look out of the window as you fight, or man your turrets like in star wars, or even man your fighter jets inside your hangar (if you have one) and take off from inside your hangar and protect you/fight alongside you.

    Imo the from the presentation the guy seems really insightful (though his nerves seem to be killing him), well worth watching.
    Here is an article that happens to also be a good summary of the presentation:

    From the tech demo bit: the graphics look insane, to me it looks like the kind of mega leap crysis was in 2007 compared to everything else at the time.
    The cockpits look brilliant too.
    Here is the game's website, it will have all the info and updates about the game, this is also where their crowd funding thingy is located.
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