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    Quote Originally Posted by desvergeh View Post
    Teehee that would've been me! I lucked out on how long it lasted though.

    Did he excomm himself? I figured he did, and that I was about to get wiped out.

    Figured that too, but I couldn't stop both him and Zak. Well after my ritual failed I couldn't actually stop either of them!

    TBH I was happy to see either of you suffer the loss!

    Not sure I would use Kingmaker again. I can't see anyway that you can really predict the right horse to bet on, especially as they might be going for an usurp victory (as I think Rasheth had always intended to do).
    Well i can say that total ritual ban event u played on me was......
    (a) The best timing for everybody else and absolute worst timing for me ever. I knew zak was going to excom and try to kill me around the time u first played it.
    (b) That thing lasted FOREVER...........Turn it hit me i was just about to use some supplication demands and i couldnt even do that and had hardly any tribute.
    (c) Without some help from spike/salamanca and the last token falling when it did i was probably in big trouble since zak fissured me on the last turn too!

    re: kingmaker.
    Seems to be a funny perk by theory but it certainly has a lot going against it.
    some of things i noticed that make it not worthwhile.

    (a) Theres an event card that reveals ALL kingmakers in the game just by playing the event card? For some reason the blood vassal revealing event card will only target one player not everybody? Thats pretty messed up

    (b) Gotta know the people in the game really to know who to play kingmaker in. Have noticed in games im playing some guys never play for prestige any game ever. etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flatline View Post
    re: kingmaker.
    Seems to be a funny perk by theory but it certainly has a lot going against it.
    some of things i noticed that make it not worthwhile.
    I had played against Carnage/Rasheth in a previous game, where I believe he had gone for the prestige win. My plan had been to weaken his closest opponents to try to assist him in a not-so-obvious manner.

    Turned out he was aiming for a usurption win.

    That's the problem I think. Even when you know the people playing, you can never be sure that they won't just suddenly shift tactics between games.

    One thing I wasn't sure on. If I have kingmaker can I still win by normal means too? I presumed yes, and managed to have a fair crack at it.

    Always fun to try new tactics in my opinion. Sometimes they work, sometimes not.

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    I actual went for that only because all else failed. lol :) Did the game have a kingmaker? I guess I saw it was over and didn't pay enough attention to details.

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