This is Rhenium, an upcoming PC game I've been working on for some time.

The game
On a remote world a team of marines and engineers carrying advanced laser mining equipment and explosive weaponry are dropped down to restore operation to a mining facility and reactor that have gone offline. As they are dropped off, the ship ascends into the chaotic storms of hail and lighting above and they quickly move to the ground level gates to begin their mission.

Rhenium is a single-player / co-op top-down survival shooter where players will work through uniquely generated environments facing varied hostile alien creatures. Enemy spawns will be unpredictable, enemies will be deadly, and players will be kept on edge.

The game is being developed with MonoGame and features a unique 2D engine which allows players to transform their environment destroying areas in precise or explosive ways. Players will blast their way through materials such as rock or metal and will also be able to build defences and re-enforcements at a cost. While this will be an action game at heart I want players to be cautious as they make their way, to try to use the environment to give them an advantage while the enemy does the same.A


  • Line of sight (threats can lurk behind any surface)[/*]
  • Dynamic environments (create and destroy areas such as walls, doors, caves based on their material)[/*]
  • Randomly created levels[/*]
  • Survival mode (single player / co-op)[/*]
  • Ability to fortify and enhance defences[/*]
  • Varied weaponry / turrets[/*]
  • Varied, unpredictable enemy situations[/*]

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Hope you like what you see so far. There's a lot to come.