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    Maia is my side project, turned full time. Heres the pitch:

    Inspired heavily by the 70's Sci-fi aesthetic, Maia is a colony management simulator where you must keep your colonists safe, fed and happy. Liberally influenced by nineties god games, the game will have a dark sense of humour and more toys to play with than you can shake a Molyneux at.

    Get it on Steam here!

    Edit: Old stuff...

    The game is still early Alpha, but since I've been working full-time on it things have started to come together. I'm hoping to start releasing game-play trailers at the end of the month, with the possibility of crowd funding soon after!

    The game is a long-term project for me and I hope to work on it for an extended amount of time, with regular updates. The short-term plan is to have playable builds out in early January. I have already managed to get a few big name distributors on board with selling it.

    Now funding on Kickstarter!!

    Loads of questions answered here!

    Here's the website:

    And the obligatory Facebook:

    I can be found on twitter here, and the game's official feed here.

    We also have a very active IRC channel. #maiagame @

    There's also the newsletter and RSS feed for keeping up to date!

    Reddit here:
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