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    AdventureX 2012 event, London - only 12 days til end of campaign

    Thanks to John & the RPS team for the new board ;)

    I'm writing to tell RPS readers about AdventureX. It's an event for adventure game
    fans, amateur game designers and those just curious to come along and enjoy
    a couple of days of game showcasing, special guest talks and other funky
    features. Talks by Stephen Marley (Martian Gothic), Dave Gilbert (Wadjet Eye Games),
    Alex Warren (Quest IF engine) and Jon Ingold (Inkle Studios)...

    This will be our second show, and we hope to hold it in central London at the
    University of East Anglia behind Peticote Lane Market. We've got a great space
    booked, we've even got a few special guests already lined up - but now we need
    some help.

    This year We have a funding campaign active to get this show running, rather
    than a ticket system. This is so we can allow free entry and have all costs
    covered prior to the event rather than worrying about if we'll make enough on
    ticket sales. We're almost half way to reaching the goal, can you help?

    If it works out, come along to the show on 15th and 16th December.
    There's wheelchair access and a live video stream for those who can't
    attend. It's a great opportunity to meet other gamers & designers.

    If this might interest you, please take a look around our website and at the
    campaign page - decide if you feel it's something worth helping to fund and
    come visit! If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Thanks for reading! And don't forget, if you feel you can contribute something
    to the show - let me know! Speakers, exhibitors, showcasers - you're all welcome.

    Kind regards,

    Mark Lovegrove (Mods)

    -- organizer 2012
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