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    Last Knight

    Hi RPS crowd,

    I would like to introduce my game Last Knight to you.

    Explained in short Last Knight is a Joust'em'up-Jump'n'Ride game.

    Last Knight strives to bring back good old 3D Platformer gamplay of the PS1/PS2 era and it combines it with fast action arcade elements like the jousting and non stop riding where every obstacle can mean a instant death, which reminds of the mechanics of Shoot’em’up games. That all is set in a ever changing stylized fantasy world, it uses on the fly random world generation. Every impact is over the top ragdoll physics simulated. You will encounter a wide range of enemies as well as environments, furthermore there are several unique power ups and characters/horses to choose from.

    Equipped with a powerful lance its in your hand to battle the Horned Bucket Heads. You will have to fight your way though different fantasy environments in which also frightening creatures are lurking, they all want to get you from your horse in the most painful manner (ragdoll physics included).
    You also have to navigate around obstacles, jump over them or destroy specific ones to avoid a painful death. Often you are confronted with deep abysses, rivers and other gaps that can only be overcome with a well timed jump. The world is randomly created as you play, the more you progress the more difficult the world gets. There is also a full-fledged story mode with assembled levels and story telling with some twists. Power ups and customization is also in the mix.

    Check it out in action in the video:


    • A full-fledged adventure in the story mode
    • Randomly generated world in the arcade mode (every game is different)
    • Various distinct enemy’s (each with their own behaviors)
    • Ragdoll physics
    • Jousting, platforming and navigating around obstacles gameplay
    • Quests System (per character)
    • Cutting edge graphics archived with the Unreal Engine
    • 6 different fantasy environment themes
    • 6 unique power ups (with upgrades and perks)
    • Customization
    • Knightmares
    • 3rd Person, First Person and Bird's Eye view modes
    • Mutators

    Some links:
    IndieDB page:
    Greenlight page:

    Last Knight is in development for almost 2 years now. Im basically making the game alone. I make a living doing freelance jobs and work on it depending on the time i have at hand. But I'm currently working hard on it to get it finally finished before the end of the year.
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