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    PC gaming seems to have getting a bunch of AAA devs/ High end games lately

    Just look,
    Red Barrels - Ex Naughty Dog, Ubisoft and EA Montreal devs
    Flying Wild Hog - Ex CD Projekt RED, City Interactive, People Can Fly devs
    Red 5 Studios - Ex Blizzard, Crytek, Bioware, 38 Studios, Dynamix devs
    Adhesive Games - Ex Project Offset developers
    Theory Interactive - Ex Futuremark Employees

    It seems PC gamers have been given the 2nd chance for AAA devs to make exclusives for the PC that aren't RTS/MMOs, hopefully PC gamers will actually support them instead of whining about console port #9880 and still buying it anyway over games from these devs.

    This will be interesting once next gen kicks in (I don't see Wii U as competition or a threat looking at whats happening to it).

    Seeing so many PC gamers support Star Citizen is heart warming especially since they don't really need the money, they just needed it to show investors that there is a market for high end PC games so they could get the rest of their funding.
    I'd also like to see current PC veterans such as Tripwire interactive continue PC development on next gen engines, a Killing Floor 2 sequel with lots of improvements and added features running on Unreal Engine 4 or CryEngine 3, would be enough for me to fork out $60.

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