Hey guys,

I am thinking about improving my old pal: mister computer.

I currently have a old pc from mars 2008. I build it myself but I am far (far) from an expert.
It's starting to show it's old age and it struggles, in medium, in games like Witcher 2 or GW2.
The pieces weren't top notch at the time and I am wondering = can change my processor and keep my old MB ?

For now I use this MB:

[4Core1600Twins-P35] ASROCK


And It runs a Intel dual 2.4 core

LGA 775 Core 2 DUO 2.40GHz DUAL CORE [E4600]

I overclocked it a bit, recently, (last year) and changed my graphic card for a Asus GTS 450. I was impressed by the upgrade.

I am also using 3go of ram, because I still have to change to 7 (it's installed on another drive but I still have to re-install... basically everything)

What should I do ? I saw that those I7 2600 pack quite a punch.
  • Is it what I should be aiming for ? Is it overkill ?
  • Will my MB support it ? If not what would be a wise choice?
  • can I keep the cooling system and just buy a new chip ?
  • should I put some more ram instead ?

Thanks a lot !