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    Sirius Online: EMPIRES RISING - Shoot, Build, Explore, and do fancy space stuff!

    General Information
    Current Released Version: BMS 1.7
    Current InDev Version: BMS 1.7.4


    Hello everyone!

    I am TheD3X, also known as Dexter or just Dex, and I'm the lead developer of Sirius Online: EMPIRES RISING.
    For the past seven years and the following year I'm coding on a massively multiplayer online game, shortly MMOG.
    Its my life dream and thanks to a wonderful and talented team, its coming true.

    About the Game itself:
    Game Technology: Sirius is entirely done in DirectX7. ! I modified it with Motion blur, but I prefer gameplay over High-End-graphics. Most Technologies in this game are self developed, SyStream for example, transfers freshly discovered Jumpholes/Gates and containing systems to the server and spreads it to all players in a matter of milliseconds.

    Game Concept: One Universe, No Protection. Imagine a dark, and evil universe. You are a descendant of one of the major factions, Terrans, Cetians or Sirians. You are supplied with a basic ship and can start making money. Be it Mining, to CREATE ships and modules, be it Scanning to EXPLORE the reigns of outer space, be it fighting to COMBAT enemy pirates. Just remeber: In space, you're never safe!
    Every Ship has three to twelve expansion slots depending on size. In these, you can fix up weaknesses in your ship or specialize it, but remember: If you approach the enemy with the wrong setup, even a battleship can be shattered by a precise blow of a frigate into the right spot.
    Every Ship will be player-built. Every System will be procedurally generated. Every thing you do may have an impact on the universe. Later you can create corporations to build stations in the outer space areas. Rule a System, colonize it, and at the end of the day, why not dock up and have a nice relaxing break at your own personal bar in the station?

    System Requirements

    AMD Athlon X2, 2x2.0Ghz and Compareable
    Windows 2K,XP,V,7,8 // Linux (With Wine)
    4096 MB of RAM
    Trial Builds: 1GB of HDD Space
    Full Build (Expected Size): 10-16GB of HDD Space

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    The Necro you all were afraid of!

    A shadey Necro sneaks up and presents you Beta Milestone 1.7

    Sirius online returns through a stormy November.

    Hello and welcome back into a really turbulent November. We had storms, power outages, flying trees and even a small flood, but that didn't keep us from being awesome and continue on development! What kept us from advancing however is, that most of us took on jobs, with payments and such.

    As this phase has ended for us and we had more time for the continuation of the code, we made a major step happen:

    The Milestone Beta Release 1.7! It mostly contains massive Engine upgrades given by an external library, which we preliminary licensed as a trial version.

    We also started our community platform, where in the closer future the Account system for the game will be set up and made active. Reserve your Spot today!
    With a great update also come great news; both Ash and CG-3D return to the Dev team, lets have them a hearty welcome back!

    Now, onwards to glory!

    Tech News

    In Tech news we can give a lot of details away. The external libary we plugged in not only allows us shading and refraction maps, but as well extremely useful things like Anisotropic filtering, multithreading and faster usage of fonts and UI graphics.

    As a direct follow up of this, we will increase the minimum specs to at least 2,8ghz Single Core and 4gb of RAM. If you encounter any problems with the 1.7 Milestone release, please let us know.

    New Features:
    - Godrays and Shadow occlusion
    - Glow
    - LoDBias and Anisotropic Filtering
    - Lowered Blur
    - Refraction Map
    - Added FXMesh for Playership
    - Inserted Old Gate
    - Fixed up Ship

    As you may have noticed, the library used to extend the core, is still a trial and therefore we are in dire need of funds, both to license it and to rent a server for the 2.0 Milestone following soon. As is now not our preferred funding method anymore, we are asking you for minor funds via our website - be it a dollar or two, we can use every single buck.

    Steam Greenlight Concepts:
    As Steam charges 90 To register to the true Greenlight, we are also collecting funds for it.

    Our roadmap for the 1.8 Milestone is a fully functioning GUI and Inventory, with the possibility to level, mine, and trade. This also means a major UI overhaul, so don't get used to it for too long.

    So far, I (and the rest of the Team) hope you enjoy the 1.7 Milestone Demo.

    See you later, the Sirius Online Team.

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