This is the game that the IndieSquish Minecraft community made for Ludum Dare 24. The creation process we used is the thing to notice.

From the web site:

"From 25 to 27 August 2012, IndieSquish entered the Ludum Dare game jam in which we had to make a game in 72 hours. The plan was to build all the scenes and characters in Minecraft, and then export the worlds for conversion to 3D models that could be animated for use in the game. The end result was to be its own thing, a sort of faux-voxel-art look not resembling anything in Minecraft."

The game was polished up a bit after the jam and basically just brought up to the intended spec. It was a great experiment in collaboration, and everyone involved had an awesome time participating. It's also great for people to be able to create stuff that ended up in a game where they might otherwise never have gotten to. Kinda fun to see the thing now, you will notice the blocks get bigger the further you get. We totally got our scale references mixed up. :)

Here's a look by some fella on 'Tube named Dave.