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    FortressCraft2D : Hardcore Zombie Survival

    This might be a little different from the most of posts on here, as I don't have a pretty video to show. Yet.

    I'm working a PC game. It's called FortressCraft2D, and it's vaguely set in the same world as the XBLIG Game FortressCraft:Chapter 1.

    At it's heart, it's a combination of Soldat, Terraria, Borderlands and classic Tower Defence, but brought together in a way which I hope is unique and original!

    It starts off as a Soldat-style, side-on, 2d run and gun, set in a post-zombpocalyptic world, with your goal being to rescue a number of survivors from the procedurally-generated city. As you proceed, you collect guns from the survivors, and craft base components to help you out. The guns themselves are procedurally-generated, and craftable; this game has significantly more guns than Borderlands 2, AND you can craft 'em!

    The guns end up attach to placeable powered Gun Turrets; as you survive on a city for longer, it morphs from a run-and-gun into tower defence; your crafted and collected guns are placed at strategic points to defend your base from your inevitable defeat.

    Inevitable? Yes. As with Dwarf Fortress, I believe that Losing Is Fun. No base is impenetrable, no city lasts forever. But from each defeated base, you will take forwards your progression; your crafted guns, your upgraded pets, your experience, knowledge and materials.

    One of the things that makes this game very different from the majority of other games out there is that you can get it now. Yes, right now, here it is:

    The game is in a very early state; way before anything that could be considered even an early Alpha, but it's available now, it's approaching it's 100th public patch, and I'm putting out between 5 and 10 patches a week. Also, I've made the design document public, available, and comment-able - check out it!

    TL;DR: Zombie-Terraria with Borderland's guns in a Tower Defence Survival game.

    If you like pretty videos, well... tough. Here's some snapshot videos. (Most of the graphics are still placeholder! I'm focussing on the gameplay first, as opposed to marketing material)

    (uh, I'm only allowed to attach one video. So here's some more!)

    Edit : One other quite neat feature is the auto-screen shot facility. If the game detects 'something cool', it takes a pic, and automatically uploads it to TwitPic : (unless you opt out, obviously)

    It's been fascinating watching it grow over the patches, and it's super-cool to have pics from the very earliest to the very latest :-)
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