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    Shoe String Shooter

    Teaser Trailer!

    Shoe String Shooter is an FPS game made by one person(me!) with a shoe string budget.

    I am working toward the first goal of having an alpha version that is playable and released for free to the public.

    It's a very open development in the sense that this game could go in many direction(within the FPS genre) but for this I need player feedback.

    Currently the game is basically a death match with two maps(cave, dungeon) and two weapon types(rifle, rocket launcher).
    Game modes I am thinking of are: Deathmatch, Team DeathMath, CTF, and Tough guy.

    Tough guy is a game mode in which players are fighting to get a powerful weapon only one player can have. Once you get a hold that powerful weapon, everyone will try to kill you.

    The game support fancy DX11 tech, and you can see some interesting DX11 features on my devblog.

    Tracking this game and any kind of feedback is very valuable to me. Thank you.



    IndieDB page:

    Youtube Channel:

    Devblog(with fancy technical articles):

    Donations page:

    Screen Shots!

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