Hi chaps!

I recently started a Youtube "Let's Play" channel and I've been gradually improving my videos over the past month to the point where I'm now actually reasonably happy with their quality. The only integral part that I'm really missing? An audience of course!!

The channel has a casual and relaxed feel about it. I'm not at all attempting manic speedruns or using any cheats/hacks. 720/1080p is available and there are no terrible distorting sounds, squeaky 9 year olds voices or weird technical issues. Other than when I occasionally die because of internal brain farts.

With that said, its not perfect but I hope my audience can help me fine tune that here and there. I'm very happy to listen to requests for games that people think I should play or criticisms for areas where I could do better.

You're most welcome to check things out and join me;

An example of a recent video;