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    Quantangled - a mad-science action adventure!

    I'm working on Quantangled, a mad science platform adventure game*.

    The basic idea is that your phone can scan things and quantum-project them elsewhere.
    There will also be multiple dimensions, and possibly teleportation and cloning.

    Here's an old concept video:

    Don't worry, those annoying pink things are gonna go! :)

    Support would be greatly appreciated, there should be some new video available soon, I hope to have some kind of playable demo available soon and I'm hoping for a release in late 2013.
    (I'm never putting a speculative release date in a video again!)

    Quantangled Facebook page
    Overwound Games Facebook page
    Overwound on Twitter

    More Quantangled info and other games available on my website.

    Cheers, Overwind.

    (*Because there aren't enough mad science platform adventure games!**)
    (**(No, there are not!))
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