So I have a bit of a confession: I'm a lapsed pc gamer. My desktop pc is old and cranky and my laptop is underpowered. I got completely fed up of dealing with hardware/driver issues and general 'pc' crap that I've kinda migrated away from big pc gaming (fortunately gog and the indie scene has given me a backlog I'm still working through).

No longer! Dishonoured and Xcom are calling and they want me back.

So I'm after a new desktop pc. Here's the snag - I have no interest in pouring over hardware specs sheets, gpu acronyms, motherboard compatibility lists etc. etc. People are going to say 'build it yourself it's easy and cheaper' but I don't care. I have terrible luck with pcs and somehow always choose the obscure combination of hardware that falls over every hour because of some driver conflict that no-one wants to admit to. I value stability more than bleeding edge performance and cheapness.

The short version: Where can I go to buy a complete desktop with medium-to-good performance that's solid as a rock and with decent build quality? Bonus points if they'll let me customise it a bit.

Edit: and delivery within the uk.