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    Kickstarter: Project Gorgon (AC1/EQ1-Like Indie MMO)

    Sweet a forum in which I can shill!

    Title: Project Gorgon

    Devs: Sandra Powers (srand from AC1, EQ2 Producer), Eric Heimburg (AC1, AC2 Producer)
    Engine: Unity + EH Backend
    Release: First Quarter 2014
    Status: Alpha


    Gameplay Videos: (Latest)

    Why you might like this:

    1. Kickstarter is for art and animation assets only. The backend is done as are many subsystems. This means the game releases even if the kickstarter fails (just with crappier art and animation). So

    2. The game is old-school in the sense of:
    -Shared dungeons/non-instanced content.
    -Non-directed questing (not the lack of "?" over the NPCs in the third video).
    -Emphasis on emergent gameplay - many smaller subsystems that interact in unusal ways.
    -Player freedom. There are no rails.

    3. AC1/EQ1 Like
    -Classless system (AC1) but with permanent choices.
    -Vendor diving (loot sold to vendors remains for others to buy).
    -EQ1 like zones (40 zones planned at release)
    -Drop loot on the ground.
    -Ranger-like Tracking (EQ1)
    -AC1 (random) and EQ1 (static) type loot.
    -No Auction House (as in original EQ).
    -Lots more

    4. New Twists
    -Permanent choices. For example if you catch lycanthropy and do not cure it, you will be permanently cursed with lycanthropy. This means early on you will be stuck for three full real-time days as a wolf during the full moon.
    -Allowed two learned combat skills at a time, switch out at town.
    -Low power curve.
    -Faction is now indivdiual NPC reputation. You build faction one person at a time.
    -Player freedom. Already mentioned, but worth a second. One quest line leads to the possibility of a player turning into a cow. The player can get the curse removed or level as a cow. Certain in-game recipes require milk from player-cows (higher quality than normal).

    What it needs for completion:
    -$55,000 for Art & Animation (see for example the strafe animation in Video #2)
    -Server optimization
    -Finishing remaining skillsets.

    I highly recommend reading the development blog. Lots of good things.
    Even if you don't want to contribute to kickstarter, I recommend if you're a fan of the older-style MMOs to track this game.


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