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    Solar War - Turn based sci-fi strategy (Demo out now)

    Since I have a game too, let's fill this forum up a little more!

    Solar War
    is a classic single-player turn based strategy game taking place in a near-future sci-fi setting.

    Have a little trailer:

    Several more screenshots at the official site:

    Instead of going for the familiar "conquer the galaxy" setting, I have decided to focus on a smaller scale, setting everything in our own Solar System: Aliens are attacking Earth, and this time those inconsiderate guys are not just sending in vulnerable ground troops, preferring orbital bombardment to traditional abduction and experiments. So you and your fleet of spaceships have to teach them a lesson.

    The game is still in Alpha. The early stages of the game, while not fully balanced, are quite playable by now. Still there are quite a few gameplay features left to implement and content to add, especially towards the later parts of the campaign. (techs, events and the like)

    The game just went up for Alpha sale a few days ago, so if you'd like to support development and immediately get the current development version of the game (and future versions, of course), check out the Desura store page here:

    Demo versions for Windows and Linux are available at
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