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    Trusted Sellers brought to you by the RPS community

    Because I generally rate the rps community's nous, I wondered whether it was worth putting up a list of trusted sellers (and could it be stickied?). I used to use the Hexus trusted sellers list, but that was back in the mists of time (a good 5 years ago), so I'm sure it's all changed (and more than a few companies have gone bust since then).

    Anyway, if other pepple thought it was a good idea, I thought it might be worth looking into. dunno what kind of options the forum has for this kind of thing, or do we just keep editing a long list.

    I'd suggest a couple of criteria, because ultimately, if you've only bought something from a place once, it doesn't really tell you how good or bad they are:
    1) have you bought from 'em regularly (say 3-4 times within a year?) and never had a problem
    2) have you had to return stuff, and found the experience straightforward
    3) have you had to speak to them about technical problems/stuff being shipped in a banged up state, and how did they respond.

    For example, for now my two main sellers have been scan and ccl, because I've never had an experience like 3) and they tick boxes 1 and 2 no bother.

    By comparison, I recently read here that people are quite happy using overclockers uk, which surprised me, but I presumed they'd got significantly better then when I first started buying components.

    Worth doing, or do people find there are better sites to use?

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    Overclockers have been pretty good with me. When something is an emergency I usually wonder into a Maplins store in physical person mode and they are always very helpful. The level 1 store grunts in a Maplins are more technically able than "The Tech Guys" in PC world. In my experience. Also a friend of mine built his computer with parts from ebuyer. Name makes them sound like the epitome of tacky internet shoppery but, hey, if it works. And it has. So there.

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    Overclockers are ok, I prefer not to use them. Their prices tend to be quite high when you include delivery, and it's not been prompt delivery for me despite having to pay for a courier service.

    Scan have replaced Ebuyer as my favourite, they have competitive prices and excellent delivery. Not had to deal with their customer service but I hear it's good. Ebuyer's still good, their delivery tends to be a bit slower but you can get free delivery on many items, and their customer service has been very helpful (sent a courier to pick up a defective hard drive that was out of manufacturer warranty, and gave me store credit to the original value which I used to buy a much better drive).

    Lesser known sites I've used a few times and always check when I'm shopping are Aria and Pixmania. Never had any problems with them, and they have some excellent prices at times.

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    I can second CCL, it has a bit of a crap website but their prices are generally pretty good and their delivery service is fantastic, I've used them a few times and it's always been really speedy, with a text message to let me know when the item has been dispatched and when to expect delivery.

    Can't speak to their suppoert beyond that though as I've never had to use it.

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