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    Scottish Independence

    What is your views on the prospect of an Scottish referendum on independence in 2014?

    Should Scotland go it alone? Should Scotland stay in the Union?

    I'm a Scotsman and I want nothing but independence. Why not? Scotland should make its own decisions, and our problems should be our own problems to deal with. Independence won't damage our relations with England and the rest of the Union, I believe our relations would improve as friendly neighbours instead of four tenants that can't agree on anything or get along most of the time. Also I am a proud Scotsman and I truly believe we can be successful alone, we have an magnificent country. We would face difficulties, but we can solve them ourselves. An independent Scotland would focus more on domestic issues, which needs more serious attention.

    But will the vote go the nationalists way? Probably not, but one is allowed to hope a little, right?

    Scottish nationalism doesn't equal to hatred towards the English. Most Scots either has friendly or at least neutral feelings towards the English.

    Just to clear up why I am not in Scotland if I love my country so much. I'm stuck abroad because of Theresa May, she and her Conservative cronies won't allow me to come home because my wife is Chinese and I'm not rich. Hopefully an independent Scotland would allow me to return with my wife, so I can also take care of my ailing mother and live a better quality life than we are now. But apparently, we are not good enough, and Albanian thieves are allowed to reside in our place.
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