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    About the Retro City Rampage WIT...

    Link of the review:

    Well, I think it's the first time that I've seen blatant advertising on RPS.

    It's just logical to think that RPS have been promoting Hotline Miami to hell, and for some reason they need to bash on potential customers that will buy Hotline Miami instead of RCR.

    In the Retro City Rampage there's no mention of the 10 years that took Brian Provinciano to finish that game. No mention of the technical achievement to fit SO MUCH CONTENT on just a couple megabytes. No mention of the BIT.TRIP and Meat Boy mini games included, that are awesome per se, and worth at least a buck each (yes, the minigames). Besides, the PC version is awesome considering that the game is also on Vita and other consoles: you can get plenty of filters (my, when I turned on that CGA filter...), windowed mode, borderless, etc.

    Why Alec can't see that it's just a game without a story, a parody of itself? It feels like a Wario Ware Inc., but done much better. Is a casual game? Yeah, you can pick it up, finish a couple of missions then turn it off in 10 minutes. Or, you can try the challenges and tear your hair out, as with getting that perfect score on BIT.TRIP.

    Whilst, as far as I can see, Hotline Miame IS pretty good, but it's just another tactical shooter, done in 2D. And that's all the gameplay it has. Enter a mission, shoot guys, get out. And that's it.

    I might still get HM though, but all this advertising made me real sick.

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    I'm not really sure what you're trying to say here. That it's just advertising for Hotline Miami?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nsane View Post
    In the Retro City Rampage there's no mention of the 10 years that took Brian Provinciano to finish that game. No mention of the technical achievement to fit SO MUCH CONTENT on just a couple megabytes.
    WTF does any of that have to do with how the game plays exactly? Are you expecting RPS to hand our Kudos points or something? Bizarre tbh.

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    I think the 'I' in 'Wot I think', stands for 'I' , as in not what you think, but what 'I' (in this instance Alec Meer) think. Just a hunch though.
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    As much I agree with the point that the amount of work that went into that title and that it was the creation of a single person should be aknowledged, I don't think that it should be used as an excuse. As a consumer, I'm not going to enjoy a title more just because I know how much trouble it took its developer to actually make this thing. You can admire his work and you can even decide to buy the title simply because you want to reward/support this paticular developer (which was the reason why I bought Retro City Rampage), but in the end it comes down to whether or not I actually enjoy the game. Since I like hamfisted humour and absurd stories, I enjoy Retro City Rampage, but I can see why people don't like it and it does not surprise me that there are a lot of people who don't really know what to make of this game.

    I also can't follow your argument when it comes to the apparently 'blatant advertising' of Hotline Miami. How would RPS benefit from that? I don't see any connection between the developer and/or publisher of Hotline Miami and RPS.
    Of course there could be some kind of evil conspiracy behind this, but seriously, if a Gaming site would decide to be corrupt it would most certainly try to receive bribes from more wealthy companies and not from some kind of niche-developer.

    Do you know what I think? I think you're just upset that a reviewer whose opinions you usally trust, does not like the game in the way you like it. Maybe it's because you're emotionally more attached to this product then Mr. Meer was, but be it as it may, it does not matter. It's not the job of a reviewer to tell you what to like and dislike. It's his job to state his opinion about a cetain product and hopefully find some reasons as to why he likes/dislikes certain things. It's then up to the consumer to decide how much the reviewers points actually matter to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nsane View Post
    In the Retro City Rampage there's no mention of the 10 years that took Brian Provinciano to finish that game.
    I love this kind of whining. Because it'll always remind me of the 2004 US presidential debates, where George W. Bush repeatedly insisted that being President was "hard work".

    The world doesn't care how hard you worked. Only the result matters. If you're shit at something and you work really hard, you're probably still going to produce shit. Hard work is usually necessary but never sufficient in itself to creating something great.

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    You're aware that you can comment directly on the articles, right? Not sure why this needed to have a topic created for it.

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    oh dear, here comes the paranoid, insulted internet again.
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    I'm afraid the amount of work that goes into something can't be a factor when it comes to describing subjective enjoyment of it, which is what our "Wot I Think" reviews are concerned with.

    As for it being attacked as a consequence of us favouring Hotline Miami on an "advertising" basis, well, that's complete nonsense, without any basis. For all I know we could end up hammering HM too, we've not reviewed it yet.

    I find it remarkable that anyone still believes that our reviews are swayed by advertising money when we have a *consistent* record of attacking games that we're advertising. Look at my Of Orcs & Men review for an example of that happening last week.

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