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  • UNnecessary Violence
  • Crateresistance
  • Westside

Thank you to all comrades who came along tonight. We were a little lighter than usual, peaking at 37 for most of the session; but if we were a little short on numbers we were long on competency and all round epic fun. UNnecessary Violence saw most of the platoon survive for a frighteningly long time in an epic 90-minute mechanised assault on Zargabad. Crateresistance allowed the first wave of dead to witness the horror of two squad-sized enemy elements separated by a single building, before an absolute master-class of spotter/flanker work from comrades Tink and Immy. Finally, Westside had highs (comrade Ferrard Carson's Judge Dredd-like clearance of the second police station's main garage) and lows (comrade IceRaiser murdering an innocent AI, Billy Hill, whose wife and children will now be cared for by the Party).

A wonderful session - thank you all - and also to comrade Tigershark, and all who have participated in his Folk Workshops. Being shot at by comrades Tigershark and Ferrard Carson is certainly beginning to pay off.


PS In case you need one more musical hit from Westside: