This evening we enjoyed a playercount somewhere above 30, fighting bravely both in Takistan and Chernarus. The missions were:
  • Roundabout SE: victory was achieved through grueling battle. This was particularly impressive because the Second Edition of this mission was intended to be a challenge for about twice our numbers.
  • Goose Chase: OPFOR split in two with the hostages in tow, so the fighting was split in half as well, on both sides of Chernarus. Both hostages died shortly after coming into contact with their rescuers. Don't let this discourage any future hostages though!
  • Poctalon: as last mission of the official session, the intel recovery attempt started by elements forming a circle around the potential crash area and moving in. Once the wreck was spotted, fireteams moved in on the site. After some heavy fighting the enemy eventually gave up, thus allowing players to secure the laptop and declare mission success.
  • Post-session testing: Walkyries Ride

Thanks for all participants, hopefully we'll see you again on Sunday.