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    [AAR] Tactical Tuesday 16th October - Dam it

    A session consisting of little other than any ARMA player's favourite pass-time, dying profusely, all over the floor. I'd like to thank all the players who came along and, despite low numbers and some hiccups in hosting, made the session easy to admin and good to play in.

    Mission list:
    • Belenus
    • River Assault
    • Warlords
    • Generals
    • Cholo
    • Police Rescue (test)
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    This was my second time playing on a Tactical Tuesday. Had a hell of a lot of fun.

    Youtube playlist -

    Belenus - In which we figuratively try to destroy a brick wall for 30 minutes with nothing but rocks.

    We loaded up into trucks and held the yard of the factory to the north west of the area.
    With a handful of HE rpgs, we tried to take down a single BMP.
    It didn't go so well.
    Out-gunned and outnumbered we were slaughtered.
    Except for Wires, who did us all proud and ninja'd his way to the British compound, but was promptly taken down as he got too close.

    River Assault - In I which try to kill an enemy through sheer determination

    We attempted to hold a hill to the east of the bridge, but found ourselves being suppressed to an extent that a good number of our side become wounded and we had a few causalities.
    After picking off the defences at the first set of buildings on our side of the bridge, we push down towards them. Only a handful make it to the buildings, while some move through the forest picking off the enemy that were in cover there.
    We defended from a two story building and held off an advance from the enemy side of the bridge.
    Killed a mortar operator that had set up on the other side of the river.
    Explosions rocked the building and had to get patched up and move out before it collapsed on it. We later found out there was another set of mortars set up in another area.
    With three quarters of my original squad, dead or otherwise incapacitated we did what we could to defend the now occupied enemy side of the bridge. But we were caught unaware and were taken down.
    A very kind AI soldier refrained from killing myself and the team-mates bleeding and dying at his feet while we aimed at his face and struck metal onto empty chambers.
    We are picked off one by one.
    Enemy side wins.

    Warlords - In which I go for a pleasant drive through the desert.

    BLUFOR loaded up into 2x Humvees, and one medic truck. Then together we charged towards the OPFOR holding point.
    I got lost at one point and became separated from the team, but my passenger guided me to where I was supposed to go.
    It was over very quickly, and I didn't see what happened, but I noted the deaths piling up on the screen.
    Then BLUFOR won.

    Generals - In which I nearly kill my reason for being in Chernarus on some god forsaken beach in the dead of night.

    At night, with the threat of a flank and the responsibility of Alpha 1 we moved into the city from the North.
    Silence held as we passed the hospital, and the church. Then civilians were spotted moving across a field with weapons and we started to take sporadic fire from the south and south east
    Mistook a report over coms about enemy close on the Alpha marker and in a panic I friendly fired our General and took him down. He was able to recover.
    After spotting a single soldier to the south east of the Alpha 1 marker, who promptly disappeared ( This was Ice wasn't it? ) we sprinted to the train station. We held it for around 20 seconds before a explosion took our general out. I patched him up, but this small victory was short lived.
    A enemy took out the other OPFOR team-mate in the room through a door.
    I sprayed through the door, didn't hit a damn thing.
    I sprayed at the guy who came through the door, didn't hit a damn thing.
    The guy at the door took me out, then our General.
    BLUFOR wins.

    Cholo - In which I take command
    I was the commander for the police side. I had never played this mission before, and didn't quite know how it would play out.
    Trying to find a corner to hide in while feeling quite vulnerable from all sides, I attempted to hold the main staircase from the ground to first floor.
    As the police force was slowly whittled down I stuck to covering the staircase.
    I was shot immediately as the enemy force moved through the building.
    OPFOR wins

    Police Rescue (test) - In which I get lucky
    As one of the Independents I joined SpecialSoup and Aidan. Both of whom had automatic weapons, while I had G17, and two grenades.
    So we put up shop in a two storied building and bunkered down to see what would happen next.
    OPFOR pulled up in their truck and lit our building up completely. We were unsure if they knew where we were, or if this was just a coincidence. ( Later we found out they had spotted us on their map )
    OPFOR surrounded our building, at which time Aidan who was covering the stairs fell through a wall and was promptly shot to death, leaving SpecialSoup and I to fend for ourselves.
    OPFOR moved into the lower floors and Special Soup was taken down on the stairs.
    Two OPFOR push into the second story of the building.
    I kill them both with my G17
    Independent wins!
    The deciding moment

    This might be the last time I get to play with you guys for TT, 7:30 - ~10:00 doesn't quite work out so well any more. I had hell of a lot of fun this morning.
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    Belenus - Bravo Squad Lead. Windows decided to break my mouse and sound 2 minutes in, and when I rejoined my AI character had decided to start driving the truck again. Xenu, BM, died trying to save me and I tried to organise Bravo's remaining AT before I was told Zitron had taken it (Not sure where that came from) and promptly passed out.

    River Assault - I blame ASR_AI as I made the mistake of running along the crest of the hill and was promptly shot to pieces. Lesson learnt.

    Warlords - Opfor Bodyguard. Everything was planned to perfection, but once we actually tried to put our escape plan into practice we found there was not enough vegetation and too many rocks. BLUFOR riddled us with bullets.

    Generals - Alpha Squad Lead with Gandhi as my medic. A somewhat redundant role given that there was only one squad, we moved to try and catch out some of BLUFOR flanking to the north, then helped our commander when he was shot by a squadmate in a moment of madness. Caught out some nasty BLUFOR flanking medic.

    Cholo - Oh Dear

    Police Rescue - My favourite TT mission so far. Worked very well with just 17 people, Cops won thanks to Coat's pistol marksmanship.

    Need to make sure enemy units are not visible on the map for obvious reasons.
    Still not sure what happened to BLUFOR - the building INDY was in had an OpFor truck's headlights lighting it up and was just down the road from the APC. The rescue we were so desperately hoping for never arrived.

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    Belenus - A2 AT

    Huh? I don't understand why people think I stole AT?? But apparently I was the last one with a RPG (why do we only get 1 rpg round??), so I wanted to make it count. After several attempts at trying to get an angle on the warrior apc and getting wounded and revived, I was finally able to hit it, and nothing happened. Got killed during the retreat, and watched wires attempt to win for all of us.

    Police Rescue - Bluefor something

    We got to the APC, and were confused about where to go next, and were imediately engaged by Opfor. Got shot while shooting at the dead gunner in a UAZ.

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    [AAR] I44 20/10/12 - Heartbreaking story of a band of brothers.

    Dynamic Campaign
    I'm sad to say that we didn't clear Balota again.. but don't worry high command has other towns that needs assaulting.

    The Escape
    A great success on the ally side as the POW's were rescued.

    Road Ambush x2
    Another mission made by Kale, needless to say we didn't complete it.

    Jedburgh Ambush
    This is like the 11th version of the damn thing and we still couldn't do it..... (Kale y u no make easy missions :D )

    And that was the conclusion of the official session, post your comments, screenshots, videos here or in there: if you have suggestions I'll be happy to hear them.

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    teh escape was was some a-team shit, me kale , the POW and some other guy drove the fastest we could through enemy lines firing machine guns as we drove past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kefirz View Post
    Jedburgh Ambush
    This is like the 11th version of the damn thing and we still couldn't do it..... (Kale y u no make easy missions :D )
    We did actually manage to complete on the 06/10/12 session after the end of the official session, largely thanks to x25killa's affinity for destroying armoured vehicles single-handedly, but you had already left by that stage unfortunately.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zergra View Post
    teh escape was was some a-team shit, me kale , the POW and some other guy drove the fastest we could through enemy lines firing machine guns as we drove past.
    Yes, that was thrilling. My apologies to those we left behind (particularly ironic considering our objective for the mission :P).
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    The Escape: a.k.a "A-Team shit my arse..."

    Member of the special operations rescue team. Insertion went well, the team successfully avoided detection and evaded two German halftracks and a Tiger tank patrol, "liberated" a pair of binoculars off of a German officer we took down in a timed execution of a patrol.

    Assisted our commander X25killa in spotting and identifying targets within the P.O.W camp, when it came to taking down the guards it was agreed to do it stealthily, so I hung back and trained my sights on one of the towers containing a sniper. The sad part is the De Lisle Carbine... It is a terrible weapon in I44.

    So our two members with MGs lit up the towers, raising the alarm. X25killa and myself proceeded to the main gate and engaged the flood of German troops exiting the camp with our .45 sidearms while the others blew a hole in the fence to the rear of the camp and exctracted the prisoners (Kefirz, JRides), X25killa and myself then started to pull back, I got knocked unconscious by a German stick grenade.

    When I awoke I found myself left behind, proceeded to make my way to our extraction point alone, only to find a German Hetzer tank rolling my way... I dived to the ground and the Hetzer rolled past, inches from me. Snook past a couple of German patrols alerted by our previous activities only to find the rest of this so called "A-Team" had also abandoned one of the P.O.Ws (Kefirz) whom had by now acquired himself a German MP-40, so I proceeded to ecort this unfortunate fellow to the extraction point.

    We came across another German patrol and took cover, unfortunately this patrol spotted us and we were forced to open fire, resulting in other patrols being drawn in... I made a snap executive decision and had Kefirz make a break for it, while I stayed behind and delayed the Germans.

    I died doing my duty and safe in the knowledge Kefirz had escaped to safety!

    Would play that one again.

    Regards Hawk.
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    [AAR] Folk [Sun] 21 Oct 2012 (Tactical Barn Action)

    Cross-posting from the official thread in the Folk forums (please post there):

    Quote Originally Posted by fer
    • UNnecessary Violence
    • Crateresistance
    • Westside

    Thank you to all comrades who came along tonight. We were a little lighter than usual, peaking at 37 for most of the session; but if we were a little short on numbers we were long on competency and all round epic fun. UNnecessary Violence saw most of the platoon survive for a frighteningly long time in an epic 90-minute mechanised assault on Zargabad. Crateresistance allowed the first wave of dead to witness the horror of two squad-sized enemy elements separated by a single building, before an absolute master-class of spotter/flanker work from comrades Tink and Immy. Finally, Westside had highs (comrade Ferrard Carson's Judge Dredd-like clearance of the second police station's main garage) and lows (comrade IceRaiser murdering an innocent AI, Billy Hill, whose wife and children will now be cared for by the Party).

    A wonderful session - thank you all - and also to comrade Tigershark, and all who have participated in his Folk Workshops. Being shot at by comrades Tigershark and Ferrard Carson is certainly beginning to pay off.


    PS In case you need one more musical hit from Westside:

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    yeah i would actually like to command the escape some time.

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    [AAR] Tactical Tuesday 23rd October: Helicopters In The Skies

    This evening we enjoyed a playercount somewhere above 30, fighting bravely both in Takistan and Chernarus. The missions were:
    • Roundabout SE: victory was achieved through grueling battle. This was particularly impressive because the Second Edition of this mission was intended to be a challenge for about twice our numbers.
    • Goose Chase: OPFOR split in two with the hostages in tow, so the fighting was split in half as well, on both sides of Chernarus. Both hostages died shortly after coming into contact with their rescuers. Don't let this discourage any future hostages though!
    • Poctalon: as last mission of the official session, the intel recovery attempt started by elements forming a circle around the potential crash area and moving in. Once the wreck was spotted, fireteams moved in on the site. After some heavy fighting the enemy eventually gave up, thus allowing players to secure the laptop and declare mission success.
    • Post-session testing: Walkyries Ride

    Thanks for all participants, hopefully we'll see you again on Sunday.
    Clips are fully loaded, and then blood floods the lawn

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    Anti-Material Sniper.
    We spent most of our time in the beginning, driving around the AO and spotting stuff. Then command went silent, so I figured nobody would notice if I started shooting people. I only had 10 rounds anyway. So I took out a few machineguns, and my assistant secured an enemy sniper rifle for further fighting. But alas I was shot by a treacherous enemy who was hiding 5 meters away from us the entire time. My brave assistant died immediately. I hope he didn't feel the pain. Bravo came to the rescue, but some poor guy who had just enlisted to evade a miserable life in some takistani slum stole my spare rifle.
    I looted an AK a shot a lot of dudes from behind a rock. Was fun, but I was not really aware of what the global plan was. Just shot people.

    Goose Chase
    A3 lead, Alpha Squad Pilot.
    That mission, as expected, was a lot of fun. At some point my trusted gunner happened to meet a bullet that was flying alongside us. While I was flying out of the battlefield to land and fix him up, I was ordered to move to a new LZ asap to pick up A1. Which I did. Damn it.
    I got there a good 5 minutes before A1, and was stupid enough to stay there even though I knew we were sitting ducks. Had my crew chief watch for those houses to our left, but good Fer happened to be a sneaky bastard and passed unseen. Last thing went through my head was one of his bullets.

    B1 AR
    Mostly uneventful. We found the big plume of smoke, entered the forest, shot up a few dudes, lost Harakka to the unvisible enemy trained by the VC, were ordered to get to tha choppa and patrol.

    Walkyries Ride:
    What was intended to be a more relaxed-slash-stupid mission turned out to be... exactly that. Was fun for me, even though a few fixes are necessary (that sound). I'll open a new thread regarding this one. Just so you guys know, the SAM site won't hit you if you fly low. But I mean, really low. Like under 5 meters above the sea.
    Edit: Well actually no. I justed this again and it's not the case anymore. I might have moved it while testing, and messed it up. You guys, were actually doomed.
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    Tonight was tons of fun! Thanks again to all the folks putting in the hard work to keep it all organised.

    Roundabout: Alpha-2 Fireteam Leader. We were tasked to destroy 8 machinegun nests and other bad things nestled into a valley, meeting up on the east side of the AO. Alpha crested the ridge and started taking fire from pretty much everything in the valley, resulting in 2 casualties in my FT. However after a vodnik buzzing about on the slope below us had been blasted, we were able to commandeer it for great victory, covering the rest of alpha squad as we cleared out the south-eastern MG nests. jRides proved an excellent driver/spotter, with myself proving a rather less adept gunner as I managed to tag Fer with (thankfully non-lethal) friendly fire as we crested a ridge. Sorry!

    Meanwhile Bravo was flanking around on the North side of the AO, with both squads eventually able to converge on the central lake and declare the mission a success.

    Goose Chase: BLUFOR Commander. With OPFOR attempting to take two guarded hostages from the center of the map to Russian camps on the outside, we had to rely on approximate tracking-signal locations to stop them. We started by moving to the Westof the center to secure a couple of vehicle-camps, with Bravo only 1 FT-strong, and Alpha-3 FT running two blackhawks.

    The pings soon showed us that the hostages had split up, with one moving east and one west. Alpha squad hounded the western group relentlessly, making a couple of helicopter trips to cut them off before finally digging in just outside the westernmost Russian camp. During the enemy's final push into the camp, alpha was able to secure their hostage, but sadly he was blown away by the bad guys before he could be extracted.

    Meanwhile Bravo and their blackhawk were being led on a merry chase by the eastern group, who broke south to secure vehicles. Several breakaway OPFOR groups were able to bamboozle us with cunning distractions, as well as reducing the chopper to red status in two areas using heavy MG fire, which the door-gunners returned. Meanwhile the hostage group starting heading towards the Three Valleys area on the east coast, while Alpha hopped over the map to reinforce the final camp along with bravo.

    Alpha and Bravo formed a screen that was able to keep the remaining OPFOR mostly penned into the forests, closely watched by the bravo chopper, with fierce engagement until the second hostage was finally able to break away and join bravo. However, bravo chopper was engaged by alpha's chopper, which had been purloined by the enemy, resulting in a glorious blaze of fire and despair as we attempted to take off, until the last hostage finally took a bullet to the face through the chopper window.

    I had tons of fun with this one -- alpha did an excellent job of keeping themselves in the fight and, with Bravo also able to keep pressure on the enemy despite their low numbers, using excellent mobility. The pilots did a great job too, ensuring the sound of rotors was never far from OPFOR's ears while providing effective transport and some door-gunner suppression. The pings were working properly unlike last time, and kept us on OPFOR's tail while still giving them room to trick and outmaneuver us.

    Poctalon: Alpha Squad-leader. A fairly straightforward but well-executed mission, two full-strength squads and two blackhawks were tasked with securing valuable data from a crashed chopper. With Alpha and Bravo landing on opposite sides of the AO, we moved quickly and effectively across hilly, forested terrain, clamping in on either side of enemy forces in the center and neutralizing them handily. A tense few minutes of downloading followed, with a single rocket being fired at one of our choppers only for the perpetrators to disappear into the mist. The lack of counterattack (possibly due to a mis-firing trigger?) signalled the end of a textbook mission.

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    Fantastic Session. Every mission was fun; especially the hostage one.


    Bravo Squad Lead. Got into our transport truck and... died.

    Joined back in 10 minutes later as a JIP, stole an enemy MG emplacement, lit up the town, then there was a period of people getting shot as we waiting for instructions. When they finally came, the mission ended.

    Goose Chase

    Brilliant mission. I played it by the rules and was pretty subtle early on - standing just out of cover in my white lab suit, Dragging Coat out of position - but once we were engaged by BLUFOR I started to run off in completely the wrong direction, did my best to waste time until BLU managed to track us down again - which they did. My guard was killed, and I ran towards voices, shouting 'America, America!' until I found myself face to face with another Opfor. He was promptly shot, I got into the extract chopper and waited patiently for extract until Fer shot through the side door and into the cockpit from 400M away, killing me instantly.

    Thorough enjoyed this one. I'd like to play it again, but with someone else having a go at hostage (who isn't iceraiser)


    Bravo squad lead.

    Sent my squads to do some searching, one of them found the chopper, we moved up north and began to close in, until I lost a whole fireteam in a matter of seconds. B1 went up in the air to do some scouting, B3 had a picnic, mission got called due to lack of things to shoot at.

    Walkyries Ride

    As Indy commander, I decided to position one hostage in the rocky forest area, so if he tried to run away he'd swiftly break his legs and/or got swallowed by the inanimate rock-face. Unfortunately this hostage was IceRaiser, and by the time we'd finally convinced him to leave the prison we'd been the victims of a horrific suicide bomb attack from the enemy's air force.

    After a lot of shooting and running around I decided the mission was void and launched a GP at the rest of my team sitting in their 5mph boat. opfor joined in and flew a whole helicopter into our little gathering.

    Mission would be good if taken seriously, but replacing the helos with a few littlebirds so squads can get in low and land on the northern part of the island may be an improvement.

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    Just as feedback, I wasn't super-happy to find out our sophistimacated blackhawk had been somehow hijacked by a bunch of terrorists -- as harakka(?) noted, it wasn't quite in the spirit of the mission. However, it did make for a dramatic helicopter-to-helicopter dogfight above a climactic shootout and hostage escape, and we did abandon half of OPFOR on the far side of the map with no transport, so it seems fair enough really?

    Also I'm hardly one to talk, since I did steal the enemy vodnik in Roundabout, possibly contributing to the excessive easiness in the latter half of the mission. Maybe we could get some clarification on exactly what, if anything, is kosher in this regard.

    Oh, and one further musing -- I was flying as spotter in one of the blackhawks during Goose Chase, and with all the trees it was almost impossible to catch any sign of the hostages, even though one of them said they had frequently been waving at us. There's not necessarily anything to be done about that, but I wonder if it might add a bit of tension to the guard-hostage dynamic if they had some kind of extra way to make themselves known. Maybe a single road-flare or something? Anyway, just a thought.
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    Roundabout: Alpha 2 AR. (I think. It could have been alpha 3)

    Took a nice truck ride through a valley before being told to hop out and shoot people in the other valley. Being thoroughly confused I promptly got myself shot. Though In my spare time as a spectator I finally learned that the spectator script has some nifty features!

    Goose Chase: Blufor Alpha 3 Rifleman (AT), Bravo Squad pilot

    Dogface, Issus, and occasionally Bravo squad can testify to my horrible flying. Thankfully though, I didn't crash. It's pretty clear though that I need much more practice time on the non-ACE choppers. We carted bravo around from LZ to LZ while they searched around for the enemy, between that we spent a lot of time patrolling and scouting. I couldn't see much from the cockpit, but thankfully my gunners Issus and sometimes Dogface where able to spot things as needed. I'm told that one of the hostages was waving us down for most of the mission but I never saw him at all. At some point the other helicopter abandoned ship and left it sitting around in the forrest, leaving it for the enemy to play with, witch resulted in a really odd dogfight with two transport helos. After Alpha and Bravo grouped up and found the hostage I went in to attempt a quick pickup of them, but was promptly shot the second the hostage was in and I was ready to take off.

    Poctalon:HQ Medic

    I spent much of the first half of the mission trekking through the woods with the Bravo squad and the Commander. When Bravo finally took fire I was able to patch one person up, though everyone else seemed to be DRT with no chance of saving them. We got to the heli wreck, activated the download, then sat there for a few minutes with no contacts, and no news of how the progress on the computer was going. Hosts called the mission soon after.

    Walkyries Ride: Blufor Alpha 1 FTL

    My fear of leading my own team was quickly replaced by fits of giggles as everyone piled into their own chopper to head over to the hostage island in formation. After everyone took off and started on their way, I was quickly taken out by a friendly helicopter who came up underneath me and knocked me in the tail, causing me to explode. Then most of the other helos where quickly taken out by SAMs with only about 4 or 5 Bluforce members actually making it to the island intact. They where soon shot, with the last living member of the hostage rescue team deciding to plow his helo straight into the hostage takers and hostages alike. He missed, instead hitting a house.

    Forgive my crap editing skills. I also cut most of the spectating as I was usually not at a good angel for anything interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogface View Post
    Just as feedback, I wasn't super-happy to find out our sophistimacated blackhawk had been somehow hijacked by a bunch of terrorists -- as harakka(?) noted, it wasn't quite in the spirit of the mission. ... Also I'm hardly one to talk, since I did steal the enemy vodnik in Roundabout, possibly contributing to the excessive easiness in the latter half of the mission. Maybe we could get some clarification on exactly what, if anything, is kosher in this regard.
    The approach to enemy assets and vehicles is part common sense and part courtesy towards the CO:

    a) The common sense part is easy: Jeeps, trucks and straightforward weapon systems (e.g. a KORD) are things most troops could be expected to know how to use already (or work out quickly). IFVs, Tank and things that fly? Not so much!

    b) Passed the common sense test? Cool. Now ask your element leader, and they should check with the CO/DC if the asset you're about to pick up / drive is going to fundamentally change the nature of your element. You may want to become light cavalry, but the CO may have other plans for you. Like a attending a piano recital.

    IIRC, Dogface, you asked me (ASL, and the effective CO at the time) about the Vodnik, and I agreed.

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    Roundabout: Bravo 2 FTL

    Even though squad leader Specialsoup died under mysterious circumstances en route to the operations zone, under Halop's capable guidance, things went fairly well on Bravo's first assault on the town. We peaked over the ridge line on the eastern side of town and rained down bullets on the infantry below.

    However, on the second half of our offensive attacking from the north side of town, Halop dropped out of consciousness, leaving me in command of the squad (I chose Bravo 2 FTL to avoid this sort of thing from happening), and things quickly went downhill from there. The minute we broke cover, the enemy let us have it, and what followed was a cycle of charging, retreating, and healing up, with Fer politely asking when we'd be ready to begin our assault while I bleed everywhere on the ground. As we were gearing up for a change of tack, victory was declared! I'd like to think our constant annoyance of the enemy allowed Alpha to sneak up and take them out with a minimum of fuss, even if it isn't true.

    Goose Chase: Blufor Bravo 1 AR

    This mission was a blast. Bravo was essentially a semi-autonomous black ops team hunting the eastern Opfor team holding Aido hostage, ranging over hills, stalking our enemies, setting ambushes, and jumping out of helicopters (excellent transportation support provided by Macaco) We didn't even come across any enemies during that time, and it was still really fun.

    Near the end, things took a turn for the serious. During one of our helicopter jaunts, Kefirz was shot by enemies from the ground, leaving our FTL Wires, Mugen, and myself left, with OPfor getting dangerously close to a Russian base on the east coast. We set up an ambush at the triple crossroads just outside the base, but Alpha was able to move in and engage the enemy before the latter reached us. When it was clear their advance had ground to a halt, we moved in to help, running up a forested hill south of the town where all the fighting was taking place.

    Aido the hostage ran across us in a clearing on top of the hill, and we called down Macaco for helicopter evac. As he landed and we were running towards him, the enemy helicopter popped up over the crest and strafed us, killing Macaco and Mugen. Wires jumped in the pilot's seat with Aido at his side, and while they were taking off, I stayed on the ground and used my machinegun for the first time this mission, pumping round after round into the enemy helicopter in a feeble attempt to take out the pilot or at least drive it away. Alas, the efforts were in vain: the enemy helicopter pressed its attack, and one of its bullets lodged firmly in Aido's brain, and both sides went home with a loss.

    Poctalon: Alpha 2 Rifleman/AT

    A pleasant walk through the woods, not at all the curb-stomping the AI usually gives us in these types of missions. I didn't even need to bring my gun!

    Walkyries Ride: OPfor commander

    ..:"Wow, that's a lot of helicopters."
    Stranglove: "Yes, quite a few."
    ..:"I count at least nine. How many men are under my command again?"
    Stranglove: "Nine."
    ..:"You don't say."

    Edit: Added strategically placed paragraph breaks.

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    Roundabout SE:
    Woke up at 8am, which was half way through this mission, so I completely missed out on it.

    Video Playlist

    Goose Chase:
    Took on the role of Guard with SpecialSoup as my very civil but sneaky hostage. This was my first attempt at being a guard, and personally I found it a challenge to stick to the role and keep control of the Hostage. We moved through the forest towards the west safezone and took fire from what I now know to be BLUFOR's Alpha.
    We came SO close, so very close to victory, but my hostage had lead me slowly towards the enemy. As I had figured he was doing throughout the mission. So I was promptly shot as I floundered and the hostage escaped.
    This was a very fun mission, the numbers worked well and the choppers meant that Blufor could jump around quickly. I would very much like to try this one again. It was said above that there was a ping for the hostages? Perhaps without that, the OPFOR side would stand a better chance and not feel like the BLUFOR are using their Ahdvancd AMEERIKIN Sahtalights to hound the poor unfortunate OPFOR.

    This was quite a short mission quiet mission. I enjoyed it for the ability to experience squad movement, but didn't see much in the way of action. I actually missed the moment of victory as we extracted, as I went AFK. But I am watching my recording of it as I type this, yeah not alot happened after I left. Seems like something went wrong with the mission.

    Post-session testing: Walkyries Ride
    I joined late and missed out on the chance of glorious death with Blu-For. So I just supported from the sidelines and recorded Blu-for's exploits. You should watch the recording, it's short and sweet.
    The AA did seem to mess up the Blu-for approach a fair bit, but otherwise I could see this mission being very very interesting. Especially if we get to see the boats get used.

    Wacky Races
    Very fun all around, I didn't know quite what was going on, but came second in the race. Then the killing began.
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    Just a small line to say that yesterday I had my first session with the group and I was very impressed. I had a blast in all the missions and was very grateful for how nice and cooperative the people was.
    I will be back for sure and promise that this door gunner will cover Black Mamba's back much better next time :D

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