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    Time Slash: Clash of Eras! Indie Release

    Hey guys ^_^

    I wanted to introduce my game and my team to you. We are The B Team Studios and are currently studying at QUT in Brisbane, finishing our game design degree.

    For our final project we had to create a game, any game, within a decent scope. From Concept in March until Release, right now, we have been working on...

    Time Slash: Clash of Eras!

    Thrown through time, the Samurai and Ninja land in a laboratory, brought from the past by havoc-wreaking scientists with nothing better to do than tamper with time. But instead of turning on each other, these two foes decide to work together against their white-cloaked-enemies and bust their way out of the labs they've found themselves imprisoned in.

    Time Slash, simply, is a puzzle platformer with a unique character swap feature, where you have to lead both characters through the level using each character's unique abilities in each of the puzzles. At this level, we were more focused on improving one or two levels rather than building a full game at this stage.

    If you want to find out more about us or the game, take a look at We also have Facebook and Twitter. Additionally here's our trailer...

    It's also available for download now, but our final version for the semester will be out on Thursday the 25th October.

    So what does everyone think? What would you do with the story, and where would you take these characters? Do you like the video, if you've watched it? And the gameplay, if you've had a chance to download it?

    I would love to know what people think about it! We're proud of what we've achieved in just a few months, but feel free to let us know what you think.

    P.S.: I hope this isn't a bad place to put this thread as I have been having a lot of trouble with people calling these posts spam! I swear I'm genuine and just want to ask people about and let people know about our game! :D

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    I've watched the trailer and honestly, I should say I was lost. Perhaps you could refine it a bit later, if you really want this game to exist among other puzzle platformers out there? Nevertheless, judging the overall output of this project makes me say it's definitely an achievement especially for aspiring young devs.

    Haven't downloaded that game's first version yet so I can't say anything about the gameplay at the moment.

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