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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Swayze View Post
    PC Gamers don't want Halo (except this one, but I'm a glorious master gamer)

    They just want to be able to WAH WAH WAH and QQ about how average it is having never played it for more than five minutes at a friends house.

    But hey, Kudos to Microsoft, I keep paying for their adverts service and replacing the POS hardware when it fails. But thats more on good will based on what they did with the original Xbox, than how they've treated the core audience this generation.
    The overwhelming irony of blaming people hating on the series by a lack of reference material, when only someone with no frame of reference for pc shooters would think the series is good, let alone special.

    I finished the first halo several times in coop on all difficulties including legendary difficulty and also bought it on pc when halo CE was released for windows (which was total dogshit in mp since it used peer2peer , which back then was still considered unplayable, standards for pc gaming being much higher n all :D),
    I also played mp on xbox with the help of an early precursor to tunngle. (me and my friends ended up dissapointed when we tried that option since it was peer 2 peer and p2p is fucking worthless)

    The first game had good music and nice AI for the time and nice vehicle physics , and for a console shooter it was way better than anything else and the sandboxy coop was nice.

    But that was back in 2001 (when everything in the fps genre but timesplitters on consoles was just atrocious) ...and back when my pc was hopelessly outdated (486 2X:p) so I didn't exactly have much choice.

    A friend bought halo 2 before I could, we played through half of the campaign and were both bored (both halo 1 fans back then), it was more of the same and a lot more boring.

    Halo 3 came out on xbox 360, I bought a 360 with halo 3 based on the fun I had with the first game, again it was more of the same, with less of the charm and remixed music. BAD and a waste of money.

    My 10 year younger brother (so he started with halo3 and halo 3 was fresh for him) also bought halo reach second hand eventually and that one was the same tired old dogshit as well. He played through most of the campaign before he got bored while I visited him, I spent that time on my psp after an hour of boredom in coop.
    He had no pc so he had no frame of reference.

    So yeah, this is my experience with the series and my reason for finding it all tired old shit that is vastly inferior to pc shooters.
    Once I bought a new pc in 2003 I sold my xbox , absolutely no reason to play console shooters like halo or timesplitters when there was cs, ut, bf1942, rtcw and tribes.

    What I'm getting to is to me halo and timesplitters and golden eye etc are like a can of old beans, they'll be servicable if you have nothing else to eat but noone with a full fridge of delicious foodstuffs is going 'man I really wish I could have some more old beans'. Unless all they've ever tasted is old beans... no frame of reference and all that.
    Sort of like how many american kids think salty third rate food like bacon is the most delicious thing there is.

    PS the fov in that video makes me nauseous.
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