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    How To Learn To Start Using Linux?

    I know this is a very noob question and will probably draw response like "if you need to ask, you shouldn't be using". But recently I get myself into an online Finance course which requires programming on a language called Python (I don't know what it is, and the instructor has made it crystal clear that he is not gonna be responsible to teach this language if students do not know it, but anyway he stated that the course can still serve as a good start to learn some basic concepts in modern finance, just he cannot give us credit if we can't finish the programming assignment), and it is only supported on Unix / Unix like environment. Damn, if I use Mac, I can also solve this problem since Mac OS X beyond version 10.6 will also be supported, but my antique iMac Power PC is run by Mac OS X 10.3

    I can spare a desktop for the purpose. So, can you guys suggest some starting point?
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