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    Quote Originally Posted by sonson View Post
    Sonic 1 and 2, exactports of the game although a bit fiddly with the touchscreen controls.
    The same goes for the rather good re-release of Sonic CD. On my iPod Touch (first gen) it has a bit of slow-down too. Not sure if that's the game or my device.

    There's also Tilt To Live. Not sure if it's on anything other than iOS, but it's a simple game where you have to guide your arrow in a box-arena avoiding red dots. You destroy the dots by navigating your way to various power-ups. Keep the kills going for massive combos and aim for high score. If you get touched by a dot, you die. Sessions can last a few seconds or a few minutes depending on how intense you get into it. Pretty good fun! You might look a bit silly though on the bus trying to move your arms to tilt it though.

    I shouldn't forget Doodle Jump either. Incredibly addicting, you have to tilt the device so that your automatically jumping character can safely land on the next highest platform. Avoid monsters, get power-ups to boost your height. Simple and effective.
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    I create mobile (and web) games so I guess that's a yes!

    I'm firmly of the belief that the best mobile games are written from the ground-up for the format tho - you have, effectively, half a mouse and one button (drag and tap) and so you have to be creative within that.

    Yeah, it leads to a tonne of match-3 games - but I don't mind because some of them are really, really compulsive and also work within the time constraints that mobile gaming tends to include.

    I don't really know why but iOS's obsession with 'design' has led to some truly fantastic approaches to games/interfaces too - games like Tiny Wings and Spelltower are as much about how they look/feel as how they play (I'm actually not a fan of SpellTower's gameplay - it's clearly popular because it's popular).

    I don't see mobile games replacing consoles or my PC,it's just interesting in it's own right. It's a bit like the home computer gaming boom all-over-again, the games don't replace me need to goto the arcade but they bring new things to me (I'd never have played Lords of Midnight in an arcade, would I?)

    Outstanding examples?

    Dungeon Raid and 10000000 (zeros!?) are fantastic takes on the Puzzle Quest format

    Drop7 and it's clones (notably DropZap) fascinate me - if only because I suspect they're actually pot-luck wrapped in 'apparent cleverness' - but I've buried days into them anyway

    Fairway Solitaire is more addictive than any game involving cards should ever have been (OK - it was on PC first I think??)

    Cave's shooters take something which shouldn't work on a mobile device and make it work to fantastic effect, simply be not being afraid to change stuff - not being stuck with crap controls also helps (hello, I'm talking to YOU, Blazing Star)

    Puzzlejuice is my crowning example tho - because it takes all the most popular mobile game formats and slams them into one game, complete with that 'iOS feel' and it makes my brain throb :)

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    I bought my iPad pretty much solely based on experiences using one on long flights (got try one while flying across Canada, yearly trips to New Zealand have ensured that it sees continued extended use) so I actually look for games with more depth, which as I understand it is not the regular way to play on a mobile device, but so be it.

    So far my favourite game has been Aquaria which I found to be an amazing adaption of the desktop version. It was the first (and so far only) iOS game I've played that didn't feel like it was a scaled back version compared to what I would play on my PC, it has wonderful artwork, beautiful music and sound, the controls felt natural and overall it's just a amazing world to be able lose oneself in. Would definitely recommend headphones.

    Have also picked up Avernum: Escape from the Pit which has been fun, but the experience was greatly improved with the addition of a stylus. In fact it was a little annoying without a more accurate pointing device. Still, a fun party based RPG from what I've seen so far.

    Game Dev Story is something I dip in and out of while I'm reading or watching movies with a more fun and light atmosphere and better for short play periods, though they can extend when you really get into it.

    Magic 2013 has probably sucked more time then I really should let it, but as an ex-Magic player it just scratches the itch enough despite only having prebuilt decks with customization options as opposed to true deck building. Must admit to never actually having played a multiplayer game with it since Cockatrice just works better for that (why can't I cast a lightning bolt during my upkeep damnit). So as a Magic player it has some niggles, but it's still a great transfer of the experience to mobile device, also very pretty.

    I've found Save Toshie DX to be a surprisingly popular and fun game for introducing new people to the iPad. Very silly, usually fun to fail and surprisingly easy for people to get into.

    I would also shout out to Canabalt, Tiny Wings, DoodleJump, Mirror's Edge as quick dip games.

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    On Android and on a small screen, I really enjoyed the free version of Gem Miner, and will be picking up one or the other sequel at some point. It's a nice little resource management game.

    I also have Gurk, which is an old RPG from before phones with apps mostly had touch screens. I haven't got very far in it, but it looks like fun.

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    SUPER HEXAGON, by Terry Cavanagh of VVVVVwhatever game is the iOS game that I have played the most. Instantly addictive twitch-action game that is basically a maze game from the TI-89 souped up with color and chiptunes. Wonderful game.

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    If i had an iPad i would very much be looking forward to the Enhanced Edition of Baldurs Gate that is coming out. but i don't so i'll just have to play it on pc.
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    Just thought Iíd let you guys know. Terry Cavanaghís impossible and addictive new game, Super Hexagon has just been released on Android and is on a short time offer of just 88p.

    I enjoyed VVVVVV lots and thought Iíd give this game a punt over the weekend on my PC. I initially thought it was a fun little game, but not enough content and far too hard for me to dedicate much time too. I kept playing it because of the music though Ė which is honestly some of the best I have heard. The mechanics of the game and style then really started growing on me and I spent ages just hypnotised by its psychedelic style and felt compelled to keep playing and beat my best time Ė not something I am usually fussed with in anything but racing games.

    I then found out it had been released on Android just that day and had been reduced so I bought the game all over again (this is the first Android game I have ever bought) just to play on the commute to work. Unfortunately, the controls donít feel nearly as precise as on my PC (they felt off on my PC until I disabled V-Sync though) and there is a bug on the Galaxy S2 that means I donít get the cool music (although I saw a comment from Terry saying he is working on this) plus, this game doesnít work at all on the Nexus 7 according to things I have read.

    However, itís early days and if these problems get fixed, we are looking at one of the best recent indie games to be played on the move. I canít wait to get good at it so I can show all my mates how super-human I am (this game makes you look like a god of games even if you are just average at it).

    Just look at the trailer if you arenít sure. It looks impossible but even after a couple of hours I am coming close to pulling off what happens in that video (not quite that good yet though).

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    I got my Iphone 5 over the weekend and did a bit of fiddling with Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion. I can't believe how much game there is in it, for the price, and how polished it is, and it's on a fucking phone. What a time to be alive. I would have paid £30 for a game like this on PC ten years back and not regretted it. If you like strategy or turn based games or just good things you should buy it for your IOS device. I suspect the Banner Saga might have taken more than a hint of inspiration from this.

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    Most mobile games hold my attention for about 5 minutes and then I never play them again, I think Street Fighter 4 for the iPhone was the only one I went back to repeatedly. So many turd games in the mobile area, if I'm travelling I prefer to read a book.

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    I have a Nexus S and a Nexus 7.

    I played cut the ropes and angry birds when I got the phone first time. Tried Canabalt and Osmos. But never really played them indepth.

    On the Nexus 7 tablet I played loads of Osmos HD. But that was being I had insomnia and the games music is great to make you fall asleep.

    Nothing so far that I was 'addicted' to and wanted to play badly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by c-Row View Post
    And the iPad version of M&M: Clash Of Heroes has been anounced earlier this year, so that will be another time sink soon.
    Finally coming this Thursday (or so it was announced). With this and Dungelot, my spare time is completey gone.
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    Yeah, I do play a lot of mobile (android) games. currently, I'm busy gaming with NFS:Most Wanted on my tablet.

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    Yes. I use to game on my HP laptop all the time... what? WHAT? Why the funny looks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechnicalBen View Post
    Yes. I use to game on my HP laptop all the time... what? WHAT? Why the funny looks?
    I feel your pain.

    OT, for the DS: Picross, Picross 3D and whatever spinoffs they made. THE addictive game of the century.
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    Spirits -lovely Lemmings clone with awesome relaxing music, atmosphere and graphics. Something you may play before sleep.
    It works great even on cheaper Android (iPhone, PC, Mac and Linux too) phones.


    Oh, speaking of Picross. Any particular games like this for Android? I saw a few free ones, but they was rather poorly made and control was bad.

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    Pretty much all of the games I play on my smartphone are from the humble bundle, and in every case I preferred playing the game on a PC. Though I have a few games still installed on it: Eufloria, World of Goo, and Splice. Having already played World of Goo, I played Splice the most, and enjoyed it a lot. The limited play area and simple interface make it an ideal fit for playing on mobile devices, but I'd still prefer it on a larger screen.

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    I am a mobile game addict. I have too many to count, between my iPod touch and android. Some of my favorites:

    Anything Infinity Blade.
    Into The Dead - First person zombie infinite runner...nomnom
    Phoenix Wright. Works great on my iPod
    Mage Gauntlet
    100 Rogues - One of my favorite roguelikes for my phone.
    Cytus - like DJ-Max, but on your iPhone.
    Pen and Paper
    Any of the final fantasy ports (if you can get past the evil price tag)
    Game Dev Story
    Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo - Gah, right in the nostalgia! Really good if you have kids that you let play with your phone.
    Zombies, Run! - Not a standard game, for sure, it is an exercise aid that has you running from zombies during your workout, while telling a story via Bioshock-esque audio logs.

    Ohk, and how could I forget Temple Run 2?

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    I've tried, and bounced off, a bunch of free games. Bought a Humble Android bundle, so I can also recommend Splice as a cool puzzle game. The only game I've bought otherwise is Football Manager 2013, which is pretty good - Like it's PC parent's Classic mode, it strips away a lot of the stuff that slows down progress, and it's quite satisfying whiling away a few minutes getting a game or two done.

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    I have a few games on my iPod. Peggle, Plants vs Zombies and the like because they are perfect for the train.

    More mobile specific I've recently played Drop7, New Star Soccer, Spelltower and Wordament. Small screens are a good format for puzzle type games.

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    I put some terrible Flash games on my Cowon S9, but they were terrible. That's about it, I guess.

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