BFG work pushed the Rage tools, but Real Soon Now. I hope. Sigh. I think we have made poor decisions on this all year.

id Studio was supposed to ship with the game, but, well, fuckin' Zenimax, eh? It's supposed to be a very simple and efficient SDK. Hopefully good things will come out of it. On the other hand:

"For the user community, all of our tools are only available in the 64 bit version. We ship the 32 bit version that we treat as a sort of console platform. We will be releasing the 64 bit version after the fact, but honestly there is going to be a limit to what people can do with it because there is so much infrastructure that goes into building a MegaTextured world. I suspect that there will be one or two people who go through the trouble to figure out how to really build a MegaTextured world, or do some of the stamping effects on there. Mostly it will be for changing game play stuff. You can set up new layers, build a new multi-player layout, and build a nightmare difficulty level going through it. Unfortunately, there is a terabyte of source art that goes into building the game and we are certainly not going to be pushing all that out for download."

Old id Studio video

Still waiting for the Keith Flint RAGE DLC! My unrealistic expectation is that it's going to be packaged into the mod tools, I think the UE3 SDK comes with something like this.