Hello fellow RPSers.

I've been mulling around the idea for a while now about getting another graphics card for SLI or just getting a single new card. My current card is the Asus GeForce GTX 560 Ti 900MHz 2GB. I've got a compatible MOBO and an 850W PSU. I run two monitors off my card as well, but one thing that drives me up the wall is if I play an older game, say Fallout which is in an old resolution, the second screen gets affected meaning I cant watch a movie or tv show on it.

I've looked into this before but never asked people about it, only read some tech sites etc. I play absolutely everything from indie games up to AAA releases. Most games auto default to Max settings, bar Borderlands 2 which didn't set Physx to max and everything is running smooth. However if SLI will insure my PC will continue to do this and perhaps give better performance now that'd be great.

I've seen conflicting views on it from, "its a performance boost" to "devs don't use it properly" to "you'll only end up disabling one card half the time".

What are the views of people here?