I installed the free (for 90 days) RTm version as a dual boot. The install is very fast and painless. (took under 10 mins).

As someone on Vista (which is fine) I think at the current prices it's probably a no-brainer to upgrade. I'm just installing all my main software in the RTM first to check that nothing essential doesn't work. If you were on vista then it's probably not necessary, but given the price it's hardly an issue.

Metro is a pain with a mouse, but if you use the keyboard then it seems ok.

Does anyone know if/when the discount promo will end?

PS/ i asked on the other thread, but what do people think about running win 8 with no 3rd party AV or firewall? It has MS AV built in. I use Avast free AV on vista, but the results for MS AV are reasonably similar.
How about win 8 firewall. XP/Vista firewall was very basic and so I installed Comodo Free. But win 8 firewall seems a little more advanced.
I just have this horrible feeling about running Windows without installing AV and Firewall... it's never been a good idea before.