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I feel like people's concerns about the interface and people's concerns about the store (eg: Gabe Newell) got conflated into some giant internet viewpoint that win 8 was awful. I've had people who know nothing about it tell me that it's awful. I tend to find most people who hate it haven't actually really tried it.
Of course they haven't, they don't want to. Which is fine but some of the FUD is absurd. Gabe Newell's fear-mongering over the Windows Store is absurd but you can see where it's coming from - he's assuming it'll someday be a threat to Steam, which is laughable. Plus it serves as a convenient scapegoat to push us onto the hypothetical SteamOS, which is the same thing except with Steam instead of the Windows Store. Progress!

The UI is still a pain though, we need a button for the Charms bar.