Evening all,

So I've got a problem with my PC and I can't work it out. Earlier on I'd just exited Borderlands 2 and left my PC idling while I went to get dinner, as I have done every night for basically my entire life and I'm sure you all do it too, right? I came back and my monitor was just black, but the power was on and no 'check cable' message was up. I tried to ctrl-alt-del it away after I saw that alt-tabbing and general mousing around wasn't doing anything, but nothing happened. I left it for a while and it became apparent that it was just dead, so I hard reset it. When the BIOS was loading I noticed it was only picking up my 2TB D: drive, no DVD nor SSD boot drive, and then I got a message about not having any bootable media and such.

So I turned it off, unplugged all of the drives except for my SSD, turned it back on and the SSD was being picked up again. This time, after the BIOS screens it said 'BOOTMGR is missing', or words to that effect. This made me sad. I opened up my PC properly, unplugged all SATA connectors, re-seated all connections and turned it back on. Bingo, it booted. Satisfied that the problem was just a loose connection, I resumed Borderlands 2.

After about, I don't know, half an hour or so I tried to quit the game again, at which point my system went and locked up again. The screen froze this time, didn't turn black, and the game's music was playing in the background. I ctrl-alt-del'd to get it to respond, the screen went black, the music continued... Nothing. I left it, came back and it was still not responding. Hard reset again, BOOTMGR message again. Opened up the PC, unplugged the SSD's power, plugged it back in, swapped SATA connector with my 2TB drive and now it has booted again.

Now, I would have thought if it was the SSD ageing (I bought it last November) or corrupt files, it would just be dead, kaput, an ex-drive, but it has recovered from the 'BOOTMGR' message twice now. Could it be the drive controller, maybe? But this is an ASUS Z68-V Pro (also bought last November)! Surely they're not as flimsy as that? Perhaps it's the SATA cable, which begs the question: Do I leave the cables swapped and use the cable that could have been causing a problem to connect my 2TB drive and get on with it, which could potentially lead to corrupt data on my drive which holds everything (I consider my SSD to be pretty much expendable as there's nothing more than saves and the OS on there), or do I swap them back and wait for this to happen again? I do have a spare SATA cable so maybe I'll use that, and I do also have a second drive controller on the board so I could move the drives over to that. I wonder if that'll cause any problems in itself, though?

TL, DR: SSD appears to be dying, got 'BOOTMGR missing' twice, managed to get it to boot again after unplugging and replugging. Surely a dead SSD just wouldn't recover like that?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated, cheers.