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    Fine, whatever you prefer. I'm saying this guy writes interesting stuff.

    He also says that the nonlethal options for dealing with targets, while each more horrifying than the last, fits quite well in honour culture when you consider they're all Corvo's revenge in action. Each causes the target to be stripped of their social status and cast out of the elite, either by the actions of their peers or the actions of others. Since this is exactly what happened to Corvo, the nonlethal options are a more appropriate form of revenge, contemporary morals aside.

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    Yes the writing in Dishonored is just passable. It's just an excuse to get you out and about in Corvo's shoes and doing things. But that's the entire point of the game - to stop talking to the player and just let them do things.

    Dishonored is a love letter to Deus Ex's and Thief's gameplay, not their stories. Yes it's disappointing that the people who inhabit Dunwald are robotic, but the real reason to go there is to see the city itself - ever use the heart while not pointing it at anyone else? One of the things it tells you is that the city's main bridge cost workers' lives - and some of their bodies couldn't be recovered and literally ended up being part of its foundation.

    The people living in Dunwald are empty, but the city itself is full of (terrible) life.
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