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    Dragon's Lair NES Remake Project

    Some shameless self promotion, but I just thought I'd make a mention here of a game that I have been working on for close to a year now. What game is that? A remake of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game by the name of Dragon's Lair.

    For a quick run down on the game, and of how terrible the NES version is, be sure to watch this AVGN episode which was the inspiration behind my remake:

    Screenshots from my remake in progress (version 0.50) are provided below.

    gameplayshot2.jpg gameplayshot4.jpg gameplayshot6.jpg gameplayshot7.jpg gameplayshot9.jpg

    Why remake a bad game? To make it better, plus the attempt in turning something terrible into something good provides myself with a different kind of approach to go for with my latest game. My previous 2 games (Fishing Time and Space Invaders) had been simple games I had enjoyed myself as a child, whilst with this one I wanted to take on something considerably more challenging.

    The gameplay of this remake you will find to be quite different to the original. Shots and collisions with enemies no longer insta-kills on impact, jumps and shooting are improved, as is the level design. Currently the demo version of the game completed so far includes the first 2 levels of the original merged into one + the original 3rd level, with some changes and 2 new levels of my own design. The plan is to convert over all levels of the original as well as an equal number of completely new levels. The level editor I have put together throughout the development of this game will also be included for those that wish to create levels of their own in addition.

    Below you will find the mediafire download link to version 0.50 of the game:

    Version 0.50 is currently in development and close to release.

    Any and all feedback is welcome both here, or if you would like to contact myself directly you can throw me an email at:
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