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    Walkyries ride - feedback

    Ok guys, for all of you that tested the mission yesterday, it'd be nice to provide a bit of feedback so that I know what direction to give to this.

    So far:
    - I'll have to change the SAM site position / remove it / change it's type.
    - regarding Soup's suggestion, I won't replace the Hueys by littlebirds, I think. I didn't quite understand your point though. Hueys are able to fly as low as littlebirds, they're just smaller and a lot slower. And there's no reason Takistani SF should have anything more expensive that hueys. Plus, it's Ride of the Walkyries.
    - I thought I had fixed that alarm sound thing, but the sound wasn't cut for some reason, I suspect this has to do with people opening and closing the gate about a thousand times.
    - Did any of you chopper guys test the coutermeasure system? Seeing that the crew chief has access to those, I don't think so. If you did, though, I'd like to know, as its behaviour seems unconsistent on my dedicated.
    - I'll need to fix the markers in the briefing, apparently.
    - I finally fixed the music bit today, so next version should come with PsyOps stuff.

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    I'm not sure that with the current location it'll work with the number of players we usually get, possibly relocate to one of the cities, or a similarly diverse area?

    It may be an idea to try having fog on. It'd give a slight (although not overwhelming) advantage to the attackers, as they can at least hide their avenue of approach. The helos will still be very audible, and (if the fog isn't too much) will still be seen from reasonably far away, encouraging caution.

    Those points made, this is all speculation as to how it'd work with a larger complement playing it more seriously than the test last night.
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    I'd suggest replacing the SAMs with Kords, they'll still deny air superiority to the attackers but will give the Hueys more opportunity to fly low using some cover and land.

    I quite liked the change of scenery from most of the ArmA2 missions we play, and I think the island is a good fit for mission, but on the other hand as Strang has said it could become very crowded with ~40 people and its size reduces tactical possibilities.

    A short and brutal mission isn't necessarily a bad thing however.

    Perhaps you could relocate the mission to the Utes, if you can hand-wave the attackers starting on a carrier.

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    I think the idea behind the littlebirds was that they are smaller and more maneuverable on a small island. That was my view on it anyways. And you could say that the littlebirds where on loan from the US. You could even put in two US pilot positions to further that story.

    Just about anything else I wouldn't know as a player, as I was dead 2 minutes in. From spectating I'd say the island looks like it will get crowded fast. Unless the OPFOR dispersed over the island, I think the mission would be over quick as it would be easy to storm that little compound fast.

    That said, I haven't played too many multiplayer designed missions, and I've never made one myself, so I am probably not a great person to critique it.
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    First, Macaco, you don't need to have created missions to have a valid point. I wouldn't ask for feedback in that case.

    It just nailed it regarding the SAM site. This was created before ASR_AI came on the servers, and was tested without it.
    I'll run new tests with it in mind, and might actually just remove it.
    Regarding the location: I know the Island is really small, but that was kind of the whole point. This was designed as a quick and violent operation. I actually came up with that one at the same time I released Utes Landing, which is a lot more complex and involves more toys (well, less choppers, of course), hence the larger island. I wanted this to be as confined as possible, so that the defenders have a real advantage regarding the terrain, while the attackers have the mobility and machineguns.

    One: are slow as hell in vanilla.
    Two: can't handle fire for shit, and thus are really difficult to properly use in adversarials.
    Three: pack absolutely no firepower as we can't fire from the skids.
    Four : don't get well with Ride of the Walkyries. Which is a pretty decent point, don't you think? (Alright, I know it happens there are actually some in that scene. Still.)
    Five: are already black.

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    I wasn't aware that the hueys set off from Balota. My point regarding littlebirds is that the island is in serious lack of good landing spaces and it's far easier to get into tight spaces and drop troops off at ground level in one.

    However, as long as the pilots are competent and a smarter flight path than 'direct line over the sea' is picked, I see no reason why Hueys wouldn't work.

    It's honestly hard to judge any other aspect of the mission without a proper, more slow paced playthrough.

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