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    Since you guys covered all most of the obvious ones:
    -Dead Alive/Braindead
    -Fright Night (1985, I haven't seen the Collin Farrell version)
    -Zombi 2
    -Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
    -Eyes Without a Face

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    If any of you folk enjoy the old B movies - horror, scifi, film noir, comedies, etc - the internet archive has a ton of them now they're all falling out of copyright. There's some fairly well known ones in there but personally I find the really random, obscure and ridiculous movies far more interesting for some reason, and quite inspiring for project ideas.

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    That's brilliant Overwind, thanks for the heads up.

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    I'll third Quatermass & The Pit and throw in both The Abominable Dr Phibes and Dr Phibes Rises Again whilst I'm here. The latter is worth it for the clockwork snake alone.
    Videogames, eh?

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    Some classy B & W horror films for y'all (* = most recommended)

    The Innocents *
    Les Diaboliques *
    The Haunting
    Eyes Without A Face
    I Walked With A Zombie *
    Curse of the Demon *
    Cat People
    (those last three were directed by Jacques Tourneur, who is most famous for one of the greatest of all film noirs - Out Of The Past)

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    Hellraiser 1 (and then get the others and burn them without watching them)
    Nightmare on elm street 1 - it's still awesome, though it's a very different style to the ones you quoted.
    The Fly (jeff goldblum edition)
    The Thing (80s edition)

    I watched the Exorcist when it finally got un-banned and cinema re-released in the UK, and I have to agree it hasn't aged well. It's hard to imagine people fleeing the cinema as i found it incredibly dull.
    Exorcist 3 on the other hand freaked me out. Possessed old people is too scary an idea!

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