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    Merry Bloody Advent! [Signups open!]


    The Bloodbowl bit of RPS is one of my favourite places, being as it is a collection of friendly psychopaths who are allowed to act out their fantasies on virtual elves. That's all the world needs to be a nicer place. Chitter and chatter is good, but you know what would be even better? A month of THEMED BLOODBOWL FESTIVITIES.

    To break it down, each person who wants in gets a day of advent to create and cast unto the world whatever they like, with some kind of christmassy theme (and/or bloodbowl I guess). All these put together form our calendar.

    T'other forum I've done this on has had some spectacular entries in the past, from games to pictures to stories to "songs" to mock reviews to big numbers to a full pantomime, but it's not about those, really, it's about the coming together of a community. We've produced some cracking match reports, some awesome fiction, some adversarial grudges, and if we can channel exactly 75% of that energy, it's going to be an awesome advent.

    If you're interested in having a day, sign up below and pick what day you'd like (between 1st and 24th December I guess). Don't worry if you don't have any idea what to do, just quickly submit to peer pressure and sign up without thinking! Go!

    1st - Lowkey!
    4th - Dentharial!
    5th - Chainsawhands!
    6th - Squirrel!
    7th - Laneford!
    8th - Ian!
    9th - Ian!
    10th - Cyber!
    12th - Boots!
    14th - Weasel!
    15th - Kapouille!
    16th - Jolima!
    17th - Screwie!
    18th - Alini!
    19th - Jim!
    20th - Doughnut!
    21st - NieA7!
    22nd - Groovy!
    23rd - Everblue!
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