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    Scourge of War: Gettysburg


    Ah, that new forum smell.

    This is a thread for Scourge of War: Gettysburg on RPS. We have our own steam group (Rock, Paper, Secession) where we’ll usually congregate in group chat at 7pm UK time to get a battle going. We welcome players of any and all ability.

    If you're wondering what Scourge of War looks like, wonder no more. Thanks to Alikchi for the video, and also for getting this whole community started in the first place (including thinking up our rather excellent name):

    A Quick Start Guide for SoW MP

    Getting Started

    If you're hosting, you should make sure UDP port 31791 is open.

    If you're using the lobby to play, the host will need to first create a room in the lobby. All players should join the room before the host clicks the “Enter Staging Area” button which will take you to the scenario set up room. New players will now be unable to join the game.

    If the game fails for any reason and you're returned to the lobby screen, you'll need to create a new room to play.

    The host sets the graphics settings (i.e. map and uniform details) for everyone. If you have trouble running SoW on the highest settings, pipe up before we start and we'll change it. Also, the map detail settings seem to dial down to “High” every time you start a new game, so if you want to play at “Best” (with buildings etc.) then you need to set that in the options each time.

    Scenario Set Up
    Don’t try playing an Army vs Army encounter using the third day OoBs. That’s over a hundred thousand virtual people in all and the game can’t cope.

    If you want to impose restrictions on how far you can travel from your general, at what level couriers are necessary to convey your commands and how units appear on the minimap, click on “Custom” as a difficulty setting then change each individual setting.

    There is a box marked “realism” but I’m not sure what this does other than override some of your settings (e.g. your max distance from leader setting).

    Because Confederate divisions tended to be much larger than Union ones, a simple division vs division battle is unlikely to be an equal contest. Clicking on “balanced forces” will ensure that the same amount of brigades will face of against each other, even if it means a division going against a division and a half.

    Playing the Game
    Don't Alt-Tab. Alt-Tabbing will pause the game for everyone. The Steam Overlay works fine, though.

    “F1” opens an ingame help box which includes useful things like a list of keyboard commands.

    The apostrophe opens up the console which can obstruct the use of proper punctuation in one’s courier messages. Just press enter to clear the console and carry on typing the message.

    Remember, to draft a courier message you type it so that it appears in the box to the left, then press enter so that it appears in the message to the right. Then click send message for the courier to gallop off with it.

    As of now, you can only send one courier per recipient at a time. For example, Ali, TC-27 and I are playing a game. I can immediately send a message to Ali, then immediately send a message to TC-27. I will not, however, be able to send another message to either of them until my initial message is received. I’m not sure whether or not this is a bug.

    If you have any mods activated, it's best to deactivate them before joining unless we're specifically using them.

    I strongly suggest installing the textured minimap mod (1mb) that changes the stock historical minimap to a more friendly minimap that indicates where all the roads, woods and farmland are. To install it simply extract it to your Scourge of War folder. It creates a backup of the default minimap. Whether or not you have this installed will not disrupt a MP game.

    The OoB mod (1mb) introduces a wealth of different OoBs from the entire civil war. It means that we can play games with more variety in the composition and mixture of divisions and corps. Simply extract the entire folder to your “Mods” folder and activate it in game by clicking on “Modifications” then clicking on the mod’s name (a yellow bar will appear next to it). Every player needs to have this installed and activated to use it in an MP game.

    The latest patch introduces new features and new commands (such as the ability to command your troops via a minimap) that due to an oversight haven’t been activated. The files are there you just need to rename two files to get it working properly. The procedure is explained here.

    The NorbSoftDev’s SoW MP Manual

    How to Turn on Logging

    I've raised the issue of our game freezes on the NorbSoftDev forum and Norb has asked us to collect information on it by doing this:

    In your sowgb.ini file, add the following:


    This will dump a log file of the MP game packets into your work folder. Have everyone in the game do this this. Now when you play and have a problem. Grab all the files and send them to our support email please.


    Two files from each player, the mp logs will grow and need to be manually deleted. So just grab the latest one when you collect them.
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