Thought this deserved a thread of its own

Gunnar's Hold has its very own community over at this includes forums and a gigantic mumble server for people to use, particularly when taking part in the regular WvW activities every Tuesday and Thursday evening.

To view the WvW stuff including Mumble details you'll need to sign up to the RPS group listed here (I think you need to be logged into the site for this link to work)

I can then approve that I know who you are, so mentioning forum name would be helpful, and you'll then be able to see everything.

One note: if you join the community mumble please can you prefix your name with the guild tag. From memory it doesn't like spaces, so for us you'd want to use [RPS]yournamehere

PS I'm still interested in getting someone who's playing WvW a lot who would like to organise things there.