I'm sourcing a laptop for someone - budget is tight (200 absolute max) and so I'm looking through ex-corporate refurbs (because consumer laptops are so poorly made these days, they die before they're worth reselling!!)

I'm down to 3 possible units - I reckon they're more than powerful enough for the job (games not really required tho some basic gaming might be nice)

These are all Late-model C2Ds with Intel 4500MHD graphics - some have an nVidia option but that appears to be the "we melt and kill the PC" era of nVidia, so we'll pass on those eh? :)

Dell Latitude E6400
HP/Compaq 6930p
Thinkpad X200

The latter is the wildcard - it's an ultraportable, so no optical drive and a smaller screen - but it's a Lenovo so you know it will be better made than the other 2 and the size isn't a problem (in fact the lack of weight is a benefit).

I had a Latitude E6400 in for repair recently it was the easiest laptop I've ever disassembled - one screw (captive - you can't lose it) removes the entire base. Hinges can be tightened without removing ANYTHING. Caps on the hinges are proper clips so you won't snap them - even the bezel is marked with pull-points to avoid snapping it - I was impressed with it apart from the heat it generated which was astonishing!!

Not tried the HP but I've owned an NC2400 for years and it's made of rock so I'd assume that continues here!?

Anyone got any experiences - or alternatives which fit the bill (nothing which says Asus, Acer, Samsung or anything else 'white goods' please) :)