It's way past time I replaced my 5670 - it's a 512Mb model and my (soon to arrive I hope) 23" monitor will stretch it (it's soldiering along at 1440x900 but 1920x1080 is a step up it won't like, I suspect??)

Problem is, every time I look at likely replacements, the prices seem to be silly. I generally aim to double the power of my last GPU - but to do that I'd need a 650 TI/GTX 460 or a 6870 which are WAY out of my budget (which is under 100 - preferrably some way under it)

A 6770/5770 or 550TI wouldn't require a PSU upgrade - which would be nice - but fall short of the 'double power' thing by some way AND they aren't exactly cheap either. I can't remember when I lasy paid over 75 for a GPU - I think it was a Diamond 3DFX card (which I still have somewhere!!)

I've always managed this trick before but it seems PC hardware is doomed to not get cheaper/better atm!?

Am I missing some amazing deals somewhere? Even eBay seems short of pre-owned cards (I've had a few over the years, generally without issues but it is a risk if the last owner ran them hard or forgot to cool em of course)