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    Wot comedians make you laugh?

    Preface: I have searched and searched but couldn't find any topics covering the above. If indeed there is one and I have missed it, I most sincerely apologise.

    Having a laugh! Science tells us this is a healthy activity. Isn't that part of the reason we visit this glorious blog? :P So what could be more natural than to share favorite comedians. The idea behind this post is to share such knowledge; I myself only know of a handful of comedians outside my country's borders, but wish to expand my repertoire.

    So, lets get this ball rolling! My favorite comedians are (in no particular order):

    - Eddie Izzard
    - Bill Bailey
    - Dylan Moran
    - Billy Connolly
    - Lewis Black

    I highly recommend all of the above. Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey and Izzard for their clever, oddball sort of humour. Billy Connolly for his incredible ability to improvise and just talk and Lewis Black for when you want long, angry rants.
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