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Thread: NS and NS2 fan

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    NS and NS2 fan

    I read the article that said such nice things about NS2. I have visited Rock, Paper Shotgun but I never planned to join. I purchased NS2 pre-alfa because of my enjoyment of Natural selection the HL mod. I have watched the progress of NS2 from the start. That experience alone was was exciting. The devs were open and honest with the community and excepted our suggestions, flames, critiques, gripes, curses, screams, help and praise. It's not often one gets to see the inside of the game development process. It was a journey I have and will continue to enjoy.

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    Hi there :) long time NS1 fan myself, nice to meet you.
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    I've also heard a lot of positive feedback about Natural Selection 2 (NS2). The strat, gameplay, the plot, etc. Also, I have seen the NS2 Gorilla Trailer and it was amazing.

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    Yeah great game, not sure about the plot (?) being anything, though.
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